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Using D-Pad to control players in FIFA (PS3) - help

Dunlop Don

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I am a bit old-fashioned in my playing of FIFA and need to use the D-pad to control the players (rather than the sticks). This has served me well up until FIFA 14 when it all went a bit wrong. For some reason the D-Pad would no longer recognise diagonal movements as it had on previous versions. This basically meant that the player could only move in 4 directions, making the game virtually unplayable (my Aberdeen teams tend to play an open and attacking game just like in real life...).

I have therefore just stuck with 13 for the last few years. I have tried to progress my skills and use the sticks but just haven't enjoyed it as much.

Please tell me I am not the only one with this problem and does anyone have any tips?

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I also use the D-Pad to control players on the PS4 now. Don't mind the sticks for any other games but it's got to be the buttons for football games. Didn't even have analog sticks on controllers when I started playing games on the PS1. Never saw any reason to change when I didn't have to.

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