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Clydesdale Cup Final

Hong Kong Phooey

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highlight wiz the dugs ;)

Black boy had been banned, again! He made a rip roaring c**t off me after the game.

Could be a long season for three of the Lanarkshire teams this year, if there's no marked improvement. Decent goal for the Gow, looks like both teams had been practicing pens also. Plenty stuck away with aplomb.

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Hopefully all the Lanarkshire clubs will have a good season, Lanark seem to be favourites for their league, according to the keyboard bookies.

We had McCrum for a bit last season, liked the boys style of play. Looking from a neutrals point of view, no-one really stood out for me.

Lanark goalie pulled off a couple of saves, easyish saves, bar one, but he did his job. Hanlon looked ok for the Gow.

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