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Really depends what you want to do. If all you want is a PC to browse the web and open docs then linux is absolutely fine.

Game playing, historically, has been an issue, but with Steam putting linux onto their hardware that might become less so in the future

Personally, I do a lot of stuff in .NET so using linux is pretty much out.

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I'm looking at putting Linux on my old computer.

Any of you guys done this?

And is Linux as good as it sounds?

If you've got a generic type PC with no fancy graphics or sound card then I would recommend Ubuntu.

For a free OS it's excellent and runs very well and in some ways much faster and efficient than windows.

I would suggest downloading the ISO first and you can try it by running it in memory then install it properly later.

Alternatively you can install it as a program on windows using Wubi installer.


This does everything for you and creates the dual boot screen and if you ever decide to remove it then it's very clean and removes like a windows program. Less chance of damaging your windows partition etc.

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My in-laws gave me their old laptop. And by old I mean the slowest, crappest thing available. It was made by a company called Gateway who no longer exist and came with Windows Vista. After trying for months to get the thing working right I gave up on it. So, I decided to try a smaller operating system to see if that would help.

I installed Lubuntu, (basically light Ubuntu, specially designed for old and slow computers) and delighted in choosing the option to delete Windows off it. Start to finish (including downloading the .iso file, writing a DVD and full install) took about 90 minutes.

The difference is incredible. The machine is fast and slick, and I would say on a par with a laptop 2-3 years old with Windows 8 on it, if not quicker. At first you'll find it has very little on it - a web browser, basic accessories and not much more. Then you'll discover the software centre and you, like me, will be wondering why you ever bothered with Windows.

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