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Quiet on the Ayrshire Shores!

Onion Knickers

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Its went aw quiet, whats fresh Ayrshire tatties? Mon the Lee's!!! Hurlford afc will get brushed aside on Saturday, just like when we play they Thistle wanks

No beat thistle yet so no point spouting your mouth off.right now thistle are top dogs and thats a fact

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KSC poodles, bring them all on!! Dundee HAMILTON f**k the wolves and wallacetoun! W.A.R

Now u want war??? I was fed up playing call of duty.

Shortlees have played nobodys

Thistle are best team in ayrshire

Ksc have beat premier opposition twice..... easily.

let the battle commence!!!!

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Ksc beat from the dirrans ya helmet, thistle will get found out in the Scottish cup again this year they are old news, all am saying is they better avoid us in the cups, hahaha W.A.R stands for we are

relentless ya clown

Oh now were getting personal?? Tut tut

Now u saying what you are going to do means nothing.

Calling thistle out like that chump fury calls out the klitchko brothers.just to get in spotlight.

You aint beat thistle yet and use certainly wont anytime soon.

Maybi u should have been W.A.R in the ayrshire cup final.

Now worry about the wolves and glenburn afore calling thistle out.

Your right tho thistle more worried about the scottish than use tattie howkers

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