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Reverse of Fixtures

Michael Kennedy

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Meant to be playing East Kilbride tonight in the league both clubs had agreed that if the park they had booked was called off they would reverse the fixture as we still have each other to play in the league. They have now went back on that agreement, why the Central League cant impose this rule is beyond me no wonder there a fixture pile up at the end of every season.

so disappointed !!!!!!!!!!

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East Kilbride juniors park, I was on the park on Monday and it wasn't in great condition. I have no issue if the park wasn't playable.

What disappoints me is we agreed that it would be switched informed the league that it would be switched. We go and get the park cut and lined in preparation for the game being switched and last min that not case. 

The league said they can't do anything about it unreal, should be automatically switched if team have still to play each other. Prevents games being called off at the start if the season. The purpose for having midweek games is to get games played in the good weather and help with fixtures. 

Waste of time complaining just so frustrated that this is allowed to happen 


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