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Posting this on behalf of goalkeeper Cameron Sinclair, who has been released following

qualifying games in the Exsel Sectional League Cup, and three domestic fixtures.

He admitted:  "I got a phone call last night ( Wednesday) saying I would be released this

morning. Totally out of the blue!"

Cammy won the Scottish Under-19 Youth League title at Queens Park. He also reached

the semi-finals of the Scottish Amateur Cup and won the Caledonian League Premier

Division at Glasgow Harp under the management of ex-Shettleston and Vale of Clyde

centre-back John Crooks.

Interested parties ( genuine please) should send me a PM and I will pass all details

onto Cameron.

Many thanks for allowing me to post this topic. 

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9 hours ago, NewBallsPlease said:

Fair play to the boy for getting himself an agent. emoji23.png.

Not an agent - merely posting for the lad. I work with goalkeepers at all levels,

Have answered everyone who has replied, and passed the info onto Cameron

for him to follow-up. 

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