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Vol au Vents With Frank Turner

Savage Henry

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Do you have a spare $1000-$3000?


If so, you could be lucky enough to spend 4 (four) days eating hors d'ouvre with right-leaning pal of Billy Bragg, Frank Turner.  

For a long weekend, you and a select audience can help Frank write a song and attend "masterclasses" and instrument-specific lessons.  Frank Turner will perform the collaborative song as part of his goodbye dinner-dance at the end of the trip.  

If this reminds you all of the episode of the Simpsons when Homer gets in a fight with Elvis Costello, you'd be right.  But, if you have more money than sense, sign up now! 


So, have any P&B'ers spent their life savings on helping a moderately successful folk rocker write a song in upstate New York?

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