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Berwick -v- Stenhousemuir

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I'm more optimistic about this than the Peterhead game. Today's sleet should take the frost out of the ground, and the forecast for tonight doesn't get below +2°C.

Any early inspection guarantees a call-off as local ref's are cautious beyond reason.


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Pitch has been covered.

No snow.

Temp hasn't been below freezing for 36 hours.

Temp set to be 7°C by 2pm

This morning, Berwick club staff thought the game would definitely be on.

Local ref took 40 minutes to decide that one of the penalty spots was a bit hard.

An absolute joke, and no doubt at all that the pitch would be just fine long before 3pm.  These pitch inspections are a farce  - they almost always result in a call-off because it is piss easy to be over cautious rather than risk the outside chance of conditions getting worse.

Fecking fuming.

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Yep. Difficult for the club, and dead easy for some local jobsworth to get it wrong. 

Plenty of examples of matches being called off that would have been playable, very few where match is called on but subsequently had to be cancelled. 

He got £100 for making a truly shite decision, knows that nobody at the club will post evidence that he was wrong, and won't give the remotest toss.

Still fecking fuming.

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