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Using the pyramid I created Scottish Pyramid Expanded on the Steam Workshop I will be going my "true" local team: Greenock Juniors. As a proud Braeside boy it's to my eternal shame I ignored these brave boys who lurk around the lower reaches of the Junior game for the glamour of Cappielow and Greenock's East End. 

Playing at fortress Ravenscraig Stadium I aim to be in the top flight in ten years. I'll no doubt fail but it'll be a laugh right?

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One of the benefits of going Greenock as we are in the "Clydeside" league and, rather than needing to go through two or three promotions to make the Lowland League I'll only need one. Hopefully in the first season.

Predicted to finish 9th but here is the rabble I am up against...


Of that lot only Cambuslang have any real players so they should be the main challengers.

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First game of the season was at home to Lowland League (the league above) Petershill in the Scottish Cup. They only had greyed out players but was a piece of piss. All four of their shots came in the first ten minutes. This season might be a bit of a canter tbh

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Finish up til the transfer windae. I reckon the league will be a doddle so no need for regular updates. Will be back when I'm a good bit into the year. Here's the (ridiculously huge) squad. Only two ex SPFL players (ex Montrose and Berwick youngsters Hester and Watt) although a few were at SPFL clubs without playing. Most are young players released by (real life) HL/LL teams.


And here's pre-season opening games:



Once I signed some players the rest of the friendlies went pretty well. Involved in two cups next month. Early days but Neilston are the only other club with a 100% record after two games (Cambuslang have won their only game) so there's a top of the table clash to look forward to.

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So, one daft draw aside, I'm still on course to gain promotion if it wasn't for the aforementioned Cambuslang winning every game


As you can see, however, there's a big game on the horizon.


Ross County away in the cup. Chance to claim a scalp or is the 5 league difference too much to make up? Let's park the bus and find out...







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Half way through the year... How's it goin'?


Despite the scoreline I was all over Johnstone Burgh without reward and the Cambuslang game was very even, I dare say I shaded it, but their passing in the final third was clinical. I was down to fourth after that game. But now...?


Cambuslang managed to lose three out of the next four after hammering me at home and, once my game in hand was in the bag, I nipped into the pole position. Will I be able to hold it for the title and only promotion spot?

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Coming into the home straight nowimage.png.df6b035925c0842bf34b48831a388031.png..

Sixteen game unbeaten run, including 13 wins in a row, highlight being my 7-2 smashing of closest rivals in the cup. 


And a point clear with a game in hand. Pretty confident with ten games to go. Especially if my luck holds out with injuries...


Four injuries all year and none over a week.

And my youth candidates were referred to as a "golden generation". It's all coming up Milhouse


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End of season squad stats...


And the tactics used...

When favourites at home I went with this...


If I was favourite away from home I went for this...
(I never had a game at home where I wasn't favourite but I woulda used this then too probably)
And for games away from home where I was tipped to fail...


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Board have agreed to do up youth/training facilities. Really glad I managed to nip into the Lowland League before the other teams improved next year. One promotion place is a b*****d of a league system. Which idiot came up with this?

In other news Celtic won the treble, Annan beat Dundalk in the Challenge Cup Final and Scotland won their nations league group with three wins and a draw.

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As every single player I have is on NC terms they are constantly being offered deals by "bigger" clubs and I need to keep re-offering them terms. It's getting tedious. Already lost five of my best players and no one my scouts bring back is any better than what's left. Despite this the board expect me to win the league against some pretty good real life Junior, East of Scotland and Lowland League teams (all with teams that aren't just greyed out nobodies)


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Lost a lot of players including every centre midfielder I had. Managed to get one on loan from Morton but, amazingly, two of the players who had left (Foy and McLean) were happy to rejoin very quickly after they signed non-contract terms when they left. Baird and Gracie were two quality centrebacks I lost, the first two players on the exit list were two great left wingers who shared the role well depending on the opposition and Blair MacLennan was a fucking legend who could play DMC or MC like a boss. He will be missed. No one who's came in excites me but bulk the squad out a bit.

Mixed bag in preseason as I tried to play some bigger clubs for a bit extra money but the season itself has started well even if a few wins have more to do with poor finishing from the opposition than anyhthing I'm doing. Having said that the passing speed and quality in attacking plays, especially counter attacking, is a lot more fluid and dangerous. 



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Disappointing to the lose the top of the table clash with Pollok to the odd goal in five. Very even game that coulda went either way. Absolutely hammered Civil Service, hitting the woodwork three times, but couldn't score. This was evened out by the absolute smash and grab I inflicted on Craigroyston in Edinburgh. Even game v Arthurlie but still too many points dropped. Hoping to go on a bit of a run over Christmas/New Year now like I did last year. Table makes for decent reading...



But can plucky little Greenock overcome top of the SPFL Hibs at Ravenscraig?


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