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2019 - A huge football feast in Scotland


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from   www.scottishpyramidnews.yolasite.com

Perhaps for the first time ever ... regardless of what the `Old Firm` may be doing ... Scotland is in for an amazing Football Fest starting with five home Scotland Euro 2020 qualifying ties from
June 8 -  Nov 19 ... there will also be a couple of friendlies for SWNT before they head to FIFA Womens World Cup France from June 7 - July 7 ... then we get to host
the UEFA Women.u-19 Finals, July 16-28. There will be Scotland u-21 matches towards UEFA Hungary and Slovenia in 2020 (draw Dec 11) ... then a huge bonus of hosting the Women.u-17 qualifying group towards Sweden 2020 (Oct 14-20) and the Elite group towards UEFA Bulgaria.2019 (Mar 20-26) ... plus the Scotland u-19 qualifying towards N.Ireland 2020 (Oct 9-15) ...  and both Scotland u-17 groups, qualifying towards Estonia.2020 (Oct 22-28), Elite towards R.Ireland 2019 .. (Mar 20-26). All together it means around 56 International matches in Scotland, 2019... unprecedented .. and not counting any youth friendlies ..
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