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Definitely not done enough because they’ve not won it! In my humble opinion, so far Tollcross are the best team Iv seen in the league this season. Seem to have a bit of a swagger about them that’s been missing in previous seasons. They’re been very clever with getting in some midweek games to avoid fixture congestion and when they have everyone available and they have the points on the board. They have notoriously blew it in the later stages of the league when it’s been in their hands but if pushed, I would pick them.

Id never write off Sandys putting a run together like they did last season, Salvie have strengthened and go top if they win their games in hand so it’s going to be close between those 3 I think. 

Massive weekend coming up with the top 4 playing each other, if ESV best Tollcross then they are very much right back in the mix. 

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Id punt for tollcross also. Sandys to be more of a force next year have to improve at the back. The talent they have going forward is best in the league imo but the goals the conceed seems to be an issue. Bring in a couple of quailty defenders before end of season they could still blow teams away but tollcross seem to be in control at the minute.

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What about championship and Lothian west and east? 


IMO I think tollcross will win the premier this year as they are consistent, Sandys are losing and drawing against lower teams in the league which they would of steamrolled last season. Salvy will bottle it and I don’t think ESV or Tranent as well as they are doing could keep up with the top 3.


championship looks the closest it’s been in years 4/5 contenders for the league! Front runners Pencaitlin Meadowbank and murieston! Never write off north mercy or Newcraighall either. Big teams have still all to play each other so some big points won and lost in the next few months. 

Lothian west:

it looked like linlithgow Rose where sailing and no one could catch them but murieston B look like they are up for a title race and with Linlithgow only playing 7 league games they have a lot of pressured games to catch up on. Still fancy Linlithgow but not as easy as I once thought.

lothian east:

think lauriston Thistle will do it this year which is good for them after being in an uncompetitive league last season. Pretty disappointed with west barns and AVU as I thought they would of done a lot better.



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13 hours ago, Bawsoot said:

Looking at today's results linlithgow rose game was on at 1.15 at excite but linlithgow thistle game was off at same venue at 3pm for a frozen pitch ! Sounds a bit funny 

Suppesdly when the team Linlithgow thistle were playing asked about the fixture they were told it was off but about 3 minutes later on Twitter Linlithgow rose stated there game was on. Were thistle using the wintery conditions as an excuse?? I think so 

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