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The Division 2


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I got really into the first one.  Loved the real-world setting, and although it was a blatant grindy bullet-sponge shooter, I really enjoyed it.  The Survival mode was fucking brilliant fun and incredibly tense once you got to the latter stages.

This though...not sure if I've got the time to sink in to it.  FIFA brings me enough online seethe that I'm quite enjoying having RDR2 as a single-player escape from that.  RE2 is probably next up after that.  Ill maybe pick it up once the dust settles - they supported the original game quite well in its later life, so would be worth dropping in later on.

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I ended up picking it up after finishing Rdr2. It's...interesting. I think they've really ramped up the AI, as even on really low levels I'm finding the enemies properly flanking, hiding out in cover and attacking when you're in trouble. That makes up for a bit of the bullet-sponge stuff, although I expect at higher levels that's still going to be a big problem. Still a great setting though

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Aye, I'm finding the melee-only enemies especially are flanking more than last time where they almost all just ran straight at you and were easily mown down.

Only played a handful of hours but enjoying it so far.

The amount of dummies I've come across in rain/fog and shat myself thinking I've wandered into a group of enemies has me triggered...….


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Loving the grind of this. They really have improved on the first game. Just completed my first stronghold and what an absolute c**t that was. Did it with two other boys and it must have taken a solid hour. Current character build below.



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It really shouldn't be good, but just like the first one, it just is.  They've probably used all kinds of psychological techiniques to get it there, but have to agree, the grind is actually enjoyable.  If they bring out a Survival DLC that's anywhere near as good as the original, I don't care what they do with the rest of the game.

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