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The Suspended Season: Fairest Finish?

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I wonder - what are Fans' Views (as per Forum title) on what would be the fairest way to finish this season, now that the SPFL and Scottish Cup have been suspended?


For my part, since the League are within reach of every team having completed three rounds of fixtures, I think it would be fairest if they did indeed complete 3 rounds of fixtures behind closed doors up to the point where every team had played every other team three times.  The titles and promotion/relegation issues could be decided at that point, rather than after 4 rounds of fixtures as normal.

I would like them to have pay-per-view, behind-closed-doors coverage of all of the final Premiership matches, any lower-league matches of interest, all play offs and the remaining Scottish Cup matches; this would, I think, allow all pay-per-view revenues (of which there would be plenty) to be divided between SPFL member clubs where they were earned for League matches and between all Scottish FA member clubs where pay-per-view revenues were earned for Scottish Cup matches.

This, it seems to me, would enable all competitions to be finished fairly, give adequate time for this to happen (televising 3-4 League rounds, and Scottish Cup rounds will take time but fewer rounds overall will create space in the fixtures diary), and all clubs with player-contracts to honour will still earn revenues from these televised matches even though there will not be punters coming through the gates.


That's the best I can do, but it seems fair. 

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