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WWE Payback 2020


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Safe to say the talk of Keith Lee already being ruined hasn't aged well.  Questionable decisions in reworking his look, but that match should show how highly they must rate him.  Plenty of time to f**k him up of course, and they most likely will, but promising for the big lad.  

Fairly solid show, nothing really bad on it.  Still unsure as to what they're planning with Reigns.  They seem like they're leaning into all the bits that people hated with him as a face, but pointing him towards being a heel.  If they follow through, they should do great.  He'll eventually get a positive reaction from people loving his heel work, and then they can probably safely turn him into a proper face in a year's time with a much better reaction.  What could possibly go wrong...

16 hours ago, TheGoon said:

Well there we go. Hopefully The Fiend has to go back to his home planet.

I still really like the character, but they've once again taken great potential and driven it into the ground.  He in no way should be anywhere near a title.  All they had to do was keep giving him showpiece non-title feuds every couple of shows, and they'd be set.  But instead they shoehorn him into storyline cul-de-sacs, ending with him only ever succumbing to good old Roman.  

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I always found the talk of Keith Lee getting buried weird. It was known that even Vince McMahon was a huge fan of him in 2019, and on a big PPV, without an imminent main roster debut coming, they put him over huge against Roman Reigns. The signs were there for him to be pushed big when he landed on the main roster.

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