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Austin McPhee


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I was watching the Denmark game for the 10000000000th time ... 

John Mcginn was miles ahead of anyone on the park and his baw in was perfect... but thats just john for ye when he pulls on the dark blue these days...  reckon clarke knows that...Shades a wee faddy in mcginn when he plays for Scotland. 

Liam's header back to the face of goal was due to him taking an advanced position, one where he was able to make an impact, which allowed him to use his experience at the top level to set up young johns epic goal...Liam being a guy who's took pelters, showing us his class. Souttar hungry as f*ck. Good link up between the two CBs

I remember Clarke talking about how highly he thinks of McPhee and if we remember the form of Northern Ireland from not too long ago, one wonders how much of a factor set piece analysis and practice was in them doing so well.

Ive got faith in the guy. I think he could be really important for us in the playoffs.

Plus he looks like Thom Yorke from Radiohead . 


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I'm a big fan of Austin MacPhee I must admit. ☺️

Ukraine haven't been very good dealing with high balls in general under Petrakov since he took over post Euro 2020 from what I've seen and so I'm expecting to see Lyndon Dykes and/or Che Adams being important in dominating Ukraine in the air as well as looking forward to seeing what Austin MacPhee dreams up to exploit them at set plays.

I was going to make a post about that but am still gathering the evidence really. 

(Ukraine in Blue)


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