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  1. Said it before on here the way accies fans treated him was a disgrace. Very reasonable league campaign and coasting v Inverness. Looks like straight back up at first time of asking.
  2. Would be pretty surprised if Partick get the better of county/saints, especially after this grueller. Title race could be a belter next season and would love to be in it. In reality would take 4th happily
  3. You can actually see the KM stand crowd grow game by game at the start of the season in this video
  4. Naming lang and hendo on the bench was quality, could walk round the pitch and get the crowd up
  5. Will miss those crisp clear highlights in the champ
  6. There’s no team in any Scottish league that could cope with their first 3 choice centre backs being out tbf.
  7. “This is the biggest achievement in my career” - John mcglynn - brought a tear to my eye.
  8. Love this club. Thought Montrose might be my best day following us in my life. Maybe today beats it
  9. Very interesting 2 mins there. I was never a massive Holt fan but first 2 names mentioned there? McCann and Nesbitt. Then went on to say stupid player turnover was never going to be the answer - fact. My opinion on him revised to someone trying their best in a terrible, poisonous workplace due to other people.
  10. Covering themselves if anything silly were to happen Imo - smart
  11. Don't rush to book anything imo. There's a thousand ways of getting places in Germany - maybe go through it in person with someone, or a travel agent.
  12. There is some method to the madness, although its mostly luck based on whether you get in early or not. I had phone tab, 3 browsers on my laptop, 3 browsers on my computer. 7 in total and 1 came in fairly early, the rest took a lot longer. If you're sitting with just 1 tab open you've got basically no chance. If you can't work from home in front of a computer you're fucked, which doesn't seem right.
  13. Eh? Beating Hibs at Hampden with Alston crossing to Sibbs will forever be one of my all time Falkirk memories. A lack of buzz I didn’t notice!!
  14. Mcglynn, Mcinness and Docherty up for manager of the year. Think if we avoid defeat on Saturday it’s only heading one way
  15. Scrapping for their lives and that’s why they are where they are. Nothing but respect from me, niggly as f**k and taken points off us twice in a row and scored 4 goals in the process.
  16. Job done, actually thought we played well today given changes, Annan are full of belief and deserve to stay up.
  17. Let’s hope the 2 sets of players get together pre match and agree a shotless 0-0 is best for all parties.
  18. Been plain sailing for months in the league, can we dig out a draw when the going is tough? Would be a great effort
  19. Might vote Maciver for POTY now because of that, would round off the season nicely
  20. Haha, that’s class. Surprised about Hogarth but I guess you cannot stop the navy blue juggernaut
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