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  1. Looked at their forum and not 1 mention of him, seems to have flown under the radar either they don’t know how good he is or they just don’t care either way bodes well for us
  2. Telling that Marcel Lewis been released after only 1 appearances in cruzton , apps 8 in total and will be 23 soon
  3. With Pineda having a full season to climate to Scotland , reckon we will see more of him next season? or just brought in to be portales wee pal which is odd considering he was given #11 hardly a fringe player number
  4. In the main stand what are the guys with laptops doing at the back?
  5. Can’t decide if signed DaraBall dollers are cringe or a bit of tongue and cheek fun
  6. Just having a look at the release lists on bbc a few quality players been let go that could do us a wee favour and a few surprises too tbf
  7. Did anyone else notice mccowan was the captain against Celtic, was he always the next choice? Must be respected in the changing room
  8. 3 million quid for Kuhn and Dodgson had him in has his back pocket for the majority of the game I felt. you could go through the team and struggle to find a poor performance, everyone did their jobs as had been mentioned by meenie a cracking goal and a brain fart separating us and the best team in Scotland. im not really surprised tbh as we’ve been doing it for most of the season being 1-2 up then just chuck it, the biggest one peeing me off was 2-0 down to Kilmarnock in 4 minutes or Motherwell coming back from 2-0 down
  9. Can you imagine how shit an atmosphere it would be if we were to cut UTD’s allocation to 5-10% of the away support like the ugly sisters seem to be doing to eachother? obviously don’t follow either team but you can’t deny when both sets of fans are up for it you can see why the derby is one of the biggest in football or at least it used to be?
  10. I’m glad everyone is as pessimistic as I am
  11. Usually I’d be dead against this and boo the feck out of it but I wouldn’t mind a 90 minutes of turgid pass the balll between the back 5 for 5 minutes at a time before the inevitable hoof up the park
  12. As always for me the biggest gripe Iv got regardless of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd tap is its price, not that Iv been a full kit w****r since I was 12 but at £55/60 for top £22 for shorts and another £12 socks that for me takes the cake. Add in to that the kids at £45 also more likely to get a name and number on back probably even spfl logo if that’s not supplied I know it’s not just Dundee eventually I’d like clubs to give themselves a shake and instead of giving a wage to a player they know, like categorically THEY KNOW WILL NOT PLAY(may aswell have a youth player planking his arse at least they get the benefit) stick it in a pot for a lucky fan or something to win a top or a tour a match day tour or something
  13. Went today Dune part 2 was good enough to warrant looking forward to part 3 i must have had the same trailers cause I laughed my bollocks off at what they’ll make next kingkong and Godzilla in a Tag team against the Hardy BOYZ AT WRESTLMANIA, in an I quit match
  14. I just meant like the team itself dunno if it cost loads and I imagine they’d stay in the ice arena they are currently in, idk just a passing thought based purely on proximity and possibly count towards cheap advertising
  15. Not that I know anth thing about this but would it be worth while the Texans taking Dundee stars under their corporate umbrella, especially with it being on campy’s doorstep?
  16. Only difference I noticed was fin instead of sylla ??
  17. We’re just not a weekday team , can’t play in cold, wet or past 7.45
  18. What the age cutoff for potential ability/to just plain old things he can do and things he can’t do?
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