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  1. Unfortunately not going as work commitments, but even if I could £80 for 2 tickets ,pre match bevvy, pie and like at half time, post match bevvy, the whole day just costs too much for my dad and i, kudos to those 1600 that can afford it and again to those die hard that make week in week out home and away , you’ve certainly earned your badges over the years.

  2. 24 minutes ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

    Just the one trialist today, assume Bristow got binned? Ingram wearing #16 today. Gorrin starts this time.

    Main and Portales back in the squad and starting, Fin starts as well.

    Be good if the doc can give an update on Pineda so we can draw a line under him would have thought there would be a part to play for him with proper pre season 

  3. Quite liking the memory lane in those hits especially 2005 Forfar roof one with white sleeves, used to pretend I was Simon lynch in the garden at home, a blond Kevin McDonald too 


    would you believe that’s the season I was officially indoctrinated into the dark blue…7th and a semi final 😁😅

  4. While 15k may be mad, if the top brass shook hands and renaged even if it’s the fermers that’s bad crack , we’ve already been tarnished from the first 2 admins(!thanks to folk us and still survived) , if shoe was on other foot we’d all be calling for stevie brown to pay up or asking for a random 3 points

  5. 12 hours ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

    Finally, something interesting.

    Apparently we'll be getting another Mexican player (of Lebanese descent, and a Lebanon international) from Atlante, Portales' former club (as well as both coming through at Monterrey together), who've went one better this season and won the Liga MX Expansion. His name is Daniel Lajud.


    Portales has returned to Mexico during the end of season break, and recently reunited with his friend Lajud at a game, an occasion which was apparently newsworthy to some local Tampico newspaper (Portales' hometown). Lajud has recently been sharing Portales' posts and goals on his Twitter account too.


    A couple days later, Mexican journalist Humberto Torres reported that Lajud would be leaving Atlante and heading to Europe.


    Yesterday Atlante officially announced that Lajud was leaving the club, and plenty of affection has been thrown his way for his successful and professional stint at the club. First tweet is from Atlante's official account, 2nd is from a regular source regarding the Liga MX Expansion.



    A few hours later (about 2 hours before my post here was made), this tweet below from that same regular source claims that Emilio Escalante, President of Atlante FC, has confirmed Lajud will be heading here to join Portales, Pineda and the rest of the team. I can't find any article specifically quoting Escalante saying this and I unfortunately do not speak Spanish so I have no idea if any of the video clips of Escalante on Facebook discuss this, but I reckon this is true as there's little reason for it not to be.



    Lajud is an attacking midfielder who has notched a healthy career so far in Mexico, with 75 appearances and 21 goals for Atlante, including 8 goals in 36 games this season, and 13 goals the year before. He made appearances off the bench in both legs in the Champion of Champions finals which Atlante won on penalties. He has also made 7 appearances the Lebanon national team since first being called up in 2022, and was just called up for their AFC World Cup qualifiers a couple days ago.

    Fcuk me, Can you change your username to Poirot, that’s some damn fine detective work!!

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