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  1. Shout out to the ball-boy covering the main/North stand for a sterling effort in sh*thousery. Motioning to give the ball back on numerous occasions and then making the Accies player come get it was top class We don't need to bring in ringers for crunch matches when the lads doing it are as switched on as he was
  2. These games are exactly what football is about. You just have to see the attendance last night at Starks and our anticipated crowd to see that when there is something to play for then the interest will be there. As we all know the duopoly in the Premier is holding our game back - not the tiers beneath them in my view. Can't wait for the game today and partisan atmosphere of 5K+ Bairns! Roll on 3pm
  3. My one and only time in the North stand was when Ryan McStay scored to win us promotion.
  4. The Foundation and club setup an initiative "Support our Bairns" to help groups etc who required support to attend matches, which I assume is still operating. IIRC it was an option when buying ST online at some stage. There hasn't been any update since 2022.
  5. Been reading with interest since late last night and have attempted not to post in haste in response to BPM's original statements. You sum it up quite succinctly yet inadvertently highlight that what the club require is a new membership based model instead of the traditional season ticket or sponsor. Again I go back to when the ST rises were planned and suggested that the price + FSS should be announced and it was derided. However, that is exactly the position BPM argues fans should take to lessen the "burden" on the 25% who want to be members not fans, I assume. On here it's created a two-tier fan base. May as well rename this the FSS thread since only their opinions matter.
  6. I don't disagree that posting on here is generally p*ssing in the wind but I have seen myself make a post about what appears to me to be an issue to gauge how others feel about it and determine if I am the only person with that view point. I could go directly to the club, tweet JS or not bother. Not to say that's why others post "criticism" on here but I also suggest as a counter point that the Falkirk management team never select a team, give contracts or trebuchet a player based on what folk write on this thread! You can always skip over posts you don't want to read or reply. I don't think snark as opposed to sarcasm is always necessary for our fellow Bairns.
  7. Have seen this once or twice (or more) posted and must disagree. He said himself TNS setup how he thought they would so ergo we were setup to exploit that but couldn't. Additionally, we sign players to fit the preferred style so our subs aren't going to suddenly come on and play in a totally different way. Ultimately you can have as many plans as you want there will be times when it fails and we won't get the desired outcome. Saturday night was one of those as I think we've all mostly agreed they were decent but there wasn't a gulf between the teams.
  8. Putting aside the antics off the park, I did think the guy Brobbel was decent and showed his experience. Miller and McCann had a very low key game compared to usual.
  9. You'd hope there would be strong statements out today from U1876 and the club. I'm sure there was a 3-strikes and out proposition that was put to them by the club, IIRC. It'd be a shame if the work done by the U1876 organisers is undone by those who've attached themselves for reasons other than the football.
  10. Just don't know what goes through these laddies heads. They are an embarrassment to themselves and the club. Whoever the perpetrators turn out to be - "ultras" or not - they're not welcome in our support.
  11. That well known barometer of how teams will fare over an entire season How's your meaningless bounce game victory worked out for you in the league ...
  12. Quite. You'd know all about shite having watched that match last night
  13. Looking forward to a dull as dishwater final between you pair Put money on either team to win it 1-0 and you've got a 50/50 chance of not losing your stake. Not the result we wanted but at least I was mildly entertained. Irked that we presented them with a chance under little pressure.
  14. Their keeper is going to win them this
  15. Doesn't that only count for league matches? Cup game sales can give preference to ST holders to purchase their seat 1st but the whole stand is available to sell for this one as I don't think there was a pre-sale.
  16. I'm a pedant for spelling and grammar! Still doesn't detract from the original point! The comms are from the "club" but agree attributing the reasoning was unnecessary. It just has to be better whether it's by oversight/haste etc.
  17. @AJ1981 I'll give benefit of the doubt and suggest it's a roundabout way of bringing it to the attention of where it needs to be. As an aside - Has anyone tested the temperature of the pies/Bovril lately and we can try and avoid the next furore
  18. Playing devil's advocate but that's surely true of anything posted here? As for what you say, yes take it to the club or FSS (although not sure that typos and oversights are really their remit) but from experience it has been brushed off as one-offs or trivial and beyond reproach. However, seeing it consistently suggests otherwise. Perhaps the poster will direct their concerns to the appropriate place and let us know how they get on.
  19. Talk me through all of Airdries chances after the goal. I'll wait ...
  20. Yes. You scored inside the 1st 10 mins and I can't remember any of the sides doing much after that. I watched both sides continually turn over possession through misplaced passes or the ball going out of play. Todorovs only sniff of goal after scoring was impeding Dabrowski. Raith did even less. Next question?
  21. Apologies @Senor Bairn as I won't quote all the dismissive replies and yours was brief. It seems removing the resources we put into it seems to be the answer . I don't know the poster but others seem to and clearly hint at an agenda. It seems you could criticise the boardroom once and I know we definitely criticise what happens in the dressing room and pitch but in-between seems to be off limits. The poster has presented examples and as trivial as they are it's factual and instead we deride them. I'd rather the substance of the gripe was addressed rather than the motive.
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