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  1. If I get the posting ban I want, would someone be willing to post the list and rules?
  2. I'd subscribe in a heartbeat. They have access to NJPW as well as the stuff they have bought.
  3. AJ Styles vs. Lionheart will be happening in Preston in December. Jeezo.
  4. What would you guys make of nominating between 10 and 50 instead of my usual 10 and 20? Means narrowing down isn't as big an option. I'd ask you to keep it to 20 if you can, but if you can't, it's cool.
  5. Given in most cases he's the one that brings them in, I'd say 1) he only has himself to blame or 2) he wasn't being entirely serious.
  6. Triple H is still interested in him. I don't see what they see in Eddie Edwards really. He's like Cesaro in that he's terrific in the ring, but has zero charisma. Richards needs a LOT of work, but he has a natural intensity that could work.
  7. Now got Katy Perry two nights after McBusted. It's a pop extravaganza!
  8. As I always say, your criteria is your own choice. I don't feel it's my place to restrict like that.
  9. In Fear ( 2013 ) Decent effort this one, in which a couple on the way to a music festival wind up in a bit of bother. There's a lot of the time when the movie does well to make you think about what you actually seen and what you might have seen, but then when the big reveal comes in, things go downhill pretty sharpish. It's a fun ride though. 7/10
  10. Lots I'd imagine. Clay Guida will get a couple of placings. Can't be arsed doing it just now, but it WILL get done in the near future. Kinda thinking about a new nomination style as well, so I'll decide on that first.
  11. Would folks be interested in a top 20 MMA fights poll?
  12. The entire top 25 wrestling matches are now posted. Go have a look.

  13. Katy Perry the night before McBusted. Pleasing.
  14. Well, as always, I always suggest seeing a movie yourself with no pre-conceptions. If you think you like the look of it. Worst that happens is you don't like it.
  15. The Counselor ( 2013 ) The best Ridley Scott film in years, and much of that is probably down to the fact that Cormac McCarthy wrote the screenplay for it. The thing that got me about this was just how great the main characters were. They jump out of the screen at you and their interactions with each other are also magnificent, creating the moods perfectly for what they're aiming for. It was this that made the film so enjoyable for me more than anything else. 9/10
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