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  1. I think the saddest thing about tonight was the fact we were all resigned to it. Whilst I fully agree that shouting personal abuse at players isn’t on, all throughout the game and at full-time it was eerily quiet. For the record, that isn’t a dig at our supporters more dismay at how it’s come to this stage. Having lost another crucial game in that fashion, particularly given the other two were two away games, you would have expected a lot more anger from the crowd. We have a reputation for having a bit of a tempestuous fan base however, aside from some boos at full-time, I felt it was all relatively tame. Obviously, the game being midweek didn’t help but two years straight of being absolutely bodied, not that we were up to much beforehand, and having no place to call home since 2022 (I know others may disagree but Broadwood, for all its faults, was ‘home’ to me given it’s the only home I’d ever seen us have) seems to have torn the heart and soul right out of us. It’s a truly sad state of affairs and I am reaching the stage myself of wondering whether it’s worth it anymore. Maitland has obviously come in and given it the old college try (and may bring success in the long run) but there’s simply no evidence that things are even slightly starting to turn in the right direction. You don’t follow Clyde expecting glory but there’s very little motivation to continue attending. For me, it’s not a question of the level we’re going to be playing at , and certainly not a feeling that attending Lowland League matches would be beneath me or anything like that. Look at Clydebank, their fans resurrected their club, worked their way up the West of Scotland Juniors, joined the pyramid system and now seem, from the outside at least, to be a well-run club, with a united fanbase and crucially an identity of the town. I’m sure their upwards trajectory will continue. Meanwhile, we’re homeless, trying to bargain with GCC to find us a plot of land to magic up a stadium onto, with a one-way ticket to the Lowland League, volunteers such as Lewis who give up so much time and effort to support the club being asked to step down, and rumours swirling that our mystery benefactor will withdraw his funding if relegated. Even if relocation is successful, I am struggling to see how we’ll manage to ever sufficiently grow the club from that location other than hooring ourself out in a ‘Come and see us when Celtic are away from home’ sort of deal and hoping some fans will stick around. Community engagement is obviously important but there are plenty of other clubs in the catchment area that we would be competing against. In my opinion, we simply won’t ever have the necessary backing from anybody that isn’t already a Clyde fan to arrest this downwards trajectory - not that we shouldn’t try, of course. It’s a very bleak outlook for an organisation that is absolutely rotten from top to bottom. TL;DR: Last one out turn off the lights.
  2. The fat lady is warming up her pipes. Thoroughly shameful performance that. Could easily have scored at least one there but we’re just soft as shite. Jordan Allan has to shoulder some of that blame too for his ridiculous sending off on Saturday. McCall maybe isn’t the messiah after all…
  3. Another new low. This band of imposters are every bit as bad as the last.
  4. Conceding to a team who haven’t tried to attack is something we’ve seen far too often this season.
  5. Well this has been rubbish. Still looking slightly more likely to get a goal though.
  6. McCall seemed to think in his post-match Howie might have a chance which would be a boost for us. Still relatively seething at Allan’s red card as it was probably his best overall game for us on Saturday despite not scoring. I’d have Leitch on from the start too.
  7. Why is Allan such an idiot? Always has that in him. Such a stupid first booking too. Much better today though and a huge game Tuesday now. Could be tough without Kabia, Howie and Allan depending on Kabia and Howie’s injuries.
  8. Not too bad so far but we’re letting Dumbarton back into it far too easily. Kinnear has saved a shot so he’s better than Leighfield already. Shame Kabia went off as I felt he was looking pretty dangerous. Naturally, Elgin, Stranraer, East Fife and Forfar are all winning too.
  9. Truthfully, now our only hope between now and the end of the season is trying to get a few wins on the board and preparing for the play-offs. Our last home game was a good performance against Peterhead, that deserved more, but Saturday sounded an absolute shambles. Hard to see past a Dumbarton win.
  10. I think this is the low-point. Any hope I had is gone and at least I’ll be expecting the relegation now when it inevitably happens. Hopefully the Chairman is still about when it comes (only because he fully deserves to take the flack for this mess).
  11. I quite literally hate this club to the extent it’s ruining my life.
  12. Sounds like it has been an absolute rabble and we’ve picked up a number of bookings too. What was McCall thinking with that team selection?
  13. Maybe the plan’s to surprise them second half with a host of changes.
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