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  1. You're seriously deluded/have no clue what you're on about. IMO.
  2. There will be dancing in the streets of Forfar/Arbroath/Monifieth this evening, that much is sure. Thank you.
  3. Well played, you put up a good fight there, got some decent players as well, just unlucky, in hindsight, should've been firing deep crosses in earlier, they couldn't cope with it.
  4. Went into their thread to have a little chit chat, and then got branded a 'troll' by @Arab_R_us You couldn't make it up. Thank you.
  5. Arse twitching at the Fruitbowl tomorrow.IMO. All the best.
  6. Going perfectly, you've got a dimwit in charge, with a load of overpaid has-beens in the 1st eleven. Thank you.
  7. Shitting it for tomorrow? Another Goodwin bottle crash hopefully. Thank you.
  8. 17/2 now for Hearts win on bet365, seems like way too high odds. IMO. Will Shankland be playing? Thank you.
  9. They've admitted they were cloud seeding, f**k around with nature and find out.
  10. Be as well ripping the pitch up and putting in a cheap shite plastic one, like Kilmarnock.
  11. Should be like proper law, with the Motherwell precedent being set, but no, we've got a bunch of clowns making up shite as they go along.
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