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  1. Coles overselling the Demon and the Demon ain’t selling at all. Wasn’t a good start to the match. Cudos to them for the rest though. Those high spots wouldn’t be for the feint hearted after someone’s injured the match before… ETA, wasn’t keen on the finish.
  2. The idea of Honky Tonk Man being sold to this generation of fans will be good for a laugh. Massive riddy for the rest of us, mind you.
  3. Waiting for KSI to be one of the Asuka extras
  4. I hope they shoot this feud to the MOON like they did with The Bloodline & Zayn. All three of them
  5. That in many ways was the perfect finish
  6. A 6 woman tag & the woman’s showcase tag team match. Could have done with a match in the latter’s place with a bit more substance imo
  7. If anyone is looking for an advanced forward for SPL teams, have a look at Gilson Benchimol. I loaned him into St.Mirren with an option to buy for 500k.
  8. Left education around 10 years ago due to a mixture of poor mental health & alcoholism, stemming from issues in my younger years. I went from job to job, with no real career path. I’ve managed to fix myself during that time and decided to give education another go. Today, I’ve been offered a job placement as part of my uni course with the view of being kept on full time. Feels good.
  9. I feel sorry for some of them…a little bit. You honestly think wossi wouldn’t rather be sitting on his own show, relaxing, interviewing heavyweight boxers on his couch rather than clapping along to Christopher Dean singing Mr. Brightside in a dickhead costume from the Chinese Disney world?
  10. Have a look at the comments under any NCA post.
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