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  1. The frustrating thing for Tranent is this is now the third cancellation to the home fixture v Celtic B. Special mention to the Lowland League Board for allowing this to happen.
  2. Why wouldn't you blame the board? Celtic B have fulfilled fixtures Friday 5th Jan, Wednesday 10th Jan and have a further fixture scheduled for Saturday 13th January but the board allowed them to cancel Tuesday 16th Jan, there's no logic in there decision. Celtic will return to training next week to prepare for the Scottish cup game next weekend after the winter break. Are we now saying the B team players will now enjoy some time off after Saturdays game......don't think so, do you?
  3. Tranent F.C. v Celtic F.C. (SLFL) on 16/01/2024 Tranent F.C. v Celtic F.C. Lowland Football League Tue 16-Jan-2024 KO 19:45 This match has been postponed. Reason: Premiership break - player availability Thank you for taking note. https://www.scottishfalive.co.uk The club received notification late last night that Celtic B requested the game to be postponed. Reason: Premiership Break - player availability Just another example of why B teams should be no where near the SLFL. It's absolutely farcical that the SLFL have rolled over and had their bellies ticked and allowed the postponement.
  4. Game on Boxing Day v Civil Service Despite Tranent, Civil and all the officials agreeing to a 1.30pm KO on Tuesday 26th December 2023, the Lowland League Board rejected our request, seemingly they required two weeks notice for such a big change to the fixture rather than the one week we gave them. Is this what happens going forward when we don't vote for the B teams in the league?? KO 3pm. Here's wishing all our loyal supporters a very Merry Xmas and we look forward to seeing a at the game Tuesday afternoon 3pm
  5. Tranent have already tabled a change to the current relegation/promotion places. We wrote to the secretary last week with a motion for two up and two down every season, we now require a seconder for this change to be discussed at the next LL meeting.
  6. Tranent FC will once again vote NO to B teams within the already unfair pyramid system, we will however be in favour of more automatic promotion places into the Lowland league, our stance hasn't wavered over the years.
  7. Delusional if he really thought that Forfar deserved to win the game, with the budget he's working with, Forfar shouldn't be languishing in the lower echelon's of League 2. There wasn't a lot between the teams but Tranent played the better football and created the better chances. His style of football would make your eyes bleed. Good luck to the Loon fans, its a great draw for the club.
  8. Adults: £7 Concessions: £5 12 - 16 Year Old: £3
  9. How many Loon fans should travel to Tranent for the Scottish Cup game next Saturday?
  10. Email circulated to all Lowland, EOS & WOS clubs in the last two days.
  11. Few players up for transfer in the last few days!! Cunningham, MacPherson & Docherty
  12. Bankrolled, what does that mean Cowdenleith? Don't kid yourself on, the budget between Cowdenbeith and Tranent will be very comparable?
  13. Joe Cardle isn't signing for Tranent. Tranent have brought in 8 'free' players and 'sold' 5 existing players, not sure why this business model is a bit ridiculous in your opinion?
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