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  1. Kelly Casey McGinn Blaney O'Donnell Dzravkovski Miller Gent Vale Spittal Bair
  2. It was the 17/18 season in the run up to the cup final. That game ended Barry Maguire as a centre back for us. It was our second last home game. Our actual last game was the one where Ciftci was channelling prime Cantona and ran riot against Accies.
  3. I was having a quick look at that earlier actually. Last games of the season at Fir Park: 22/23 - 3-2 vs Dundee United (W) 21/22 - 2-1 vs Hearts (W) (last game was 6-0 loss away vs Celtic) 20/21 - 1-2 vs Ross County (L) (behind closed doors) 19/20 - n/a (League curtailed) 18/19 - 3-2 vs Livingston (W) 17/18 - 3-0 vs Hamilton Academical (W) 16/17 - 3-1 vs Kilmarnock (W) (last game was 3-2 loss away to ICT) 15/16 - 1-2 vs St Johnstone (L) (last two games were 1-3 win at Ross County and 7-0 loss away vs Celtic) 14/15 - 0-0 vs Partick Thistle (X) (last league game, obvs last actual game was 3-1 win against Rangers) 13/14 - 2-1 vs ICT (W) (last game was 0-1 win away to Aberdeen - Big John Sutton INCOMEING) 12/13 - 2-0 vs Ross County (W) (last game was 2-0 loss away to St Johnstone) 11/12 - 0-2 vs Dundee United (L) 10/11 - 1-1 vs Kilmarnock (X) (last game was 4-0 loss away to Celtic) So based on that we haven't tended to do that well against Saints on the last day of the season.
  4. Mentioned this in our thread but this is pretty much a zero stakes game for us. We've a ton of players heading out of contract and potentially finishing 8th or staying where we are in 9th is all that's on the line so it's a question of whether we can collectively be arsed turning up. The fact that we're at home and you'd hope we want to sign off an entirely meh season with a win. I posted the SPFL video of us officially relegating United on the final day last season where, again, there wasn't really much riding on the game from our POV and it was just a big daft fun time with KVV continuing his scoring streak and everyone having a nice afternoon in the sun. If we decide to turn up and make a game of it then it could be a good laugh since when we've managed to get it right this season we've actually been very good. That said, as @Handsome_Devil alludes to above, the fact that we're as "on the beach" as it's possible to be means it's pretty hard not to see Saints getting something out of this given they very much have something to play for. I mean, such as our defence is at the moment we'll definitely concede.
  5. Related to that post above about Squad Updates. I see that's Jake Carroll signed with Bohs. Leaves Josh Morris as the only player from last summer without a club (AFAIK).
  6. For a couple of seasons we had the Squad Updates out within a couple of days of the end of the season. In keeping with our comms in general post-Burrows the update last year was a complete shambles in that we actually had to release two as the first one didn't actually clarify anything. 21/22: 20th May 2022 (final game 14th May) 22/23: 31st May 2023 (final game 28th May) and subsequently 14th June 2023 There's an old post of mine from 2022 that gave the dates of the previous releases, going by the above and these you'd expect something next week:
  7. I mean, he's by no means the first Motherwell manager that a section of the fanbase just decided wasn't for them. Semi-related a visit to this page of The Thread is a very amusing stroll down memory lane and folk absolutely kept receipts about some of the very early Robinson takes. Come for the hot-takes, stay for the winter animals and The Breakfast Club. This thread is, and has always been, unrivaled.
  8. Clearly I don't know what we've been up to at Dalziel Park or whatever but the interesting thing for me about the defence is that rather than "fix" it we just seem to have made the (bold) decision to just run with it. If you think back to last season where Hammell's back 4 was consistently shipping soft, cheap goals that were costing us when Kettlewell was parachuted in we changed to the back 3 and things for the most part were ironed out - obviously Butcher was a big part of that. In this case though it kind of feels like we've made a judgement call that because we've been scoring goals then trading that off with changing things wasn't worth it. Like I say, I have no idea if that's actually what's happened or not but we didn't bring in any new centre backs during January and it still remains the case that Kettlewell hasn't actually signed a central defender of his own the entire time he's been manager - he's just been working with what he inherited. I mean, I have no beef with Kettlewell and I broadly agree with most of the balanced posts further up the page it doesn't need me adding to things point out that we've actually been playing something approaching half decent fitba when we've managed to get it right, we've seen improvement in plenty of players and we score fucking goals but I think the doubt I have is probably the fact that chucking every c**t up with 20 mins to go is a good laugh once or twice but it's not really sustainable and equally not actually fixing the defence but instead just letting it ride has all sorts of "Yikes" about it.
  9. Aye. Going by the sign up page on Eventbrite the uptake has kind of plateaued and I guess it's for the reasons you've given. There's probably only a pretty narrow demographic who are WS members, are fit enough to last 60 mins and have a spare £200 to chuck at it. I mean, I'm IN as I'm bang in the middle of that particular Venn Diagram but I can see how it may have ended up a bit tougher than they might have expected. Tbh, clearly they have to cover themselves in terms of liabilities etc but I wondered if the note that @Desp highlighted re: "This is a physically demanding event – you must be healthy enough to take part" has possibly put folk off. Similarly I guess the idea of cutting about the park in front of a small crowd might not be for everyone if you're dugmeat at fitba'. But we wouldn't be booting them out the league. They'd be going into a play-off.
  10. I mean, do we? Really? It's an absolutely zero stakes game for us.
  11. That used to be a thing but as far as I'm aware it hasn't happened since we were cited after the play-off. We had United at home in the last game of the season last year and they were in the lower section.
  12. To give this a nudge given they've opened it to non-WS members.
  13. Why? It would be a very weird thing to do given Van Veen wasn't anywhere near as effective when he was playing in a 4231 last season.
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