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  1. We're going to finish below East Fife and Morton, aren't we? Miles off the level needed.
  2. Apparently... Rae Sanders - McClelland - Cameron Wright - Essel - MacPherson - McPake Smith - Carey Kimpioka
  3. He's maybe playing on the left, with Carey central? Could have Carey/Smith either side of MacPherson and McPake/Wright on the wings I guess?
  4. Wondered if Cameron plays there? So back four of Essel, Sanders, McClelland, Cameron, then you have Wright, Carey, Smith, MacPherson, and McPake, in midfield, and Kimpioka up front. It'll be a back 3 though, with Carey/Wright as wing backs and McPake floating around behind Kimpioka.
  5. I just want a solid win where players look competent tbh. Excitement etc., can come later. Just get through this group and try and get some momentum.
  6. I'm expecting us to do something stupid today, overthinking it as always. Rae Wright - Olufunwa - McClelland - Cameron - Keltjens M. Smith - Carey - Kucheriavyi Kimpioka - May ... and then wonder why it's easy for teams to stunt our attack and counter us.
  7. I don't use a IPTV stick, FWIW, but the actual Premier Player is the worst quality of stream ive ever watched. Genuinely worse/as bad as the streaming sites you find online.
  8. Why do I keep getting brought up? I've been fairly positive this Summer We signed Mitov before the first competitive game last season, a year ago tomorrow. We then waited a week for Jephcott, then 2 weeks later, a few days before the first league game, we signed our 3rd in McClelland.
  9. FWIW this was the complete quote, as I can be bad at making things sound different and don't know if I've done that here.
  10. He just said those were the "next priority", I'm sure. And both are short on numbers really so makes sense. He mentioned in the same article about thinking Essel is a CM to him just now, and that Raymond is just waiting on work permit stuff, so what other position are you hoping he talked about? It does worry me that he's hinted there that he sees Carey as more of a CM? So would be new winger/Wright/Steven/McPake fighting for the winger roles.
  11. Pretty much this I imagine. Doubt he wants to go full MacLean and tell everyone he thinks Ferguson/Max/Smiths are shitebags but he can't replace them until some of them leave. He said Essel is viewed as his Phillips replacement, so wonder if he rates him highly enough we'll see him and Sprangler start a lot? That feels kind of "dogs of war"-y is Essel is good, but gives you a Paton/Muzz midfield again so there's a lot of load on others to help on the ball.
  12. Schmeichel will be much the same as Hart won't he? Fine for domestic football but will struggle more with Europe, and won't actually move the needle for Celtic at all. It feels a bit lazy to me but he'll leave you having won 3+ trophies so I doubt anyone will care.
  13. Levein saying he wants another CB and winger. Views Essel as a CM option at the moment. Confirms Raymond signed but going through visa stuff. Essel might not be able to play tomorrow because of that too.
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