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  1. So, the QF draw is tonight at 7pm and the teams in the draw are: Auchinleck Talbot Beith Craigmark Burntonians Darvel/Ardrossan WR Glenafton Athletic Hurlford Utd/Cumbernauld Utd Pollok Shotts Bon Accord
  2. https://twitter.com/OfficialWoSFL/status/1761463282831884612?s=20
  3. Pollok 2 Gartcairn 0 Forrester 10 Docherty 43
  4. The details of results and forthcoming fixtures on the WoSFDL website are now several weeks out of date. Whasaaap?
  5. Due to not having home games, for one thing. As you rightly infer, Pollok depend to a significant extent on match day income. Between 18th November and 24th February - that's over 3 months - we will have had one match at home on a Saturday and one on a cold Wednesday evening. We had three home fixtures postponed in December & January, due to weather, followed by FIVE consecutive Saturdays playing only away games. That's not the whole story but it's a big part of it!
  6. None of your business. Keep your neb oot!
  7. Take it as whatever you want mate. Even if I did know such fine details I wouldn't be sharing them with outsiders. I'm only concerned with squashing the outlandish incorrect and potentially damaging rumours that have been appearing here.
  8. Mebbes aye, mebbes naw. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!
  9. There is no such situation. Completely fake news.
  10. There's no truth in either of those claims.
  11. All of that is a LONG way from the truth.
  12. Ok so NOW it's official! https://twitter.com/johnstone_burgh/status/1755997734891405422?s=20
  13. Now, WHERE exactly on Twitter would that have been then? Not on either Pollok or on Johnstone Burgh's accounts. Anyone might think you were making it up!
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