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  1. If a team or teams is/are relegated into the WoSFL from the Lowland League, and no team is promoted from the WoSFL into the Lowland League, then 4 or (if necessary) 5 teams would be relegated from each league. That is in the Constitution and always has been since the inception of the league. It would make the structure 16 / 16 / 16 / 16 / 17 or 18.
  2. As Kennie said, all of the answers to your questions are in the WoSFL Constitution and Rules which are available on the WoSFL website.
  3. It's not a technicality. They applied to join the league, the clubs accepted their application. If the clubs had voted against them, then they wouldn't have got in. The SoSFL were given the opportunity to have a boundary which the WoSFL would recognise, the same way as we do with the EoSFL, but the SoSFL said they didn't want a boundary. So we were duty bound to pass Threave's application to join the league onto the member clubs, and they accepted the application. We couldn't "politely tell Threave that they weren't in our catchment" (the way we have done when an East team has applied), because we wouldn't have been telling the truth.
  4. Please name this team(s) that was/were poached, and who the "rival league" is ?
  5. By the "West of Scotland", I assume you mean some of the clubs, and not the Board.
  6. They don't do it under the name of the WoSFL.
  7. The league has no involvement whatsoever in the running of the Junior Cup.
  8. I don't know the figure, we don't count it as there is no requirement to do so for league matches, but the terracing on the dugout side was much busier than I expected.
  9. I was wrong, we had a surprisingly good crowd this afternoon.
  10. And so we get the win to finish in 4th place, and "best of the rest" is a little consolation and a nice way to finish the season after 7 wins out of our last 8 games. If only a licensed club had won the Premier.
  11. The article, although it appears on the Daily Record website, is actually written by Lanarkshire Live Sport for the Rutherglen Reformer, who are all under the same banner. The article is the back page story in this week's printed copy of the Reformer, but it doesn't appear in the printed copy of the Daily Record. Most of the local newspapers in North and South Lanarkshire operate under the same banner.
  12. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/cambuslang-rangers-bounce-back-were-32814014
  13. I get what Mine Man is saying though, our crowd won't be great tomorrow afternoon as Celtic are lifting the SPFL trophy and it's live on the telly as well, and we probably would have had a wee uplift on the crowd had the game been tonight. But our club is bigger than just the first team, so there were no thoughts of moving this game at our end.
  14. Nope, sorry, our Under 21s are playing in a cup final tonight so there's no way we'd consider moving our home game to clash with that. I also disagree that nobody has anything to play for. Shotts have prize money to play for, and I know from talking to our management that, now that we can't be promoted, finishing fourth is important to them and the players.
  15. The final two games of the First Division season are tomorrow, with only a couple of placing matters to be decided. Shotts Bon Accord would finish 2nd above Johnstone Burgh if they avoid defeat at home to Blantyre Victoria, while The Vics would need to win by 11 goals to improve on their current 8th place. Rutherglen Glencairn would finish 4th if they win at home to Maybole Juniors, while an away win would see the visitors leapfrogging Renfrew into 12th place.
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