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  1. Ok! Edinburgh City had a bad year in Div 1, relegation and points deductions and even if no points deductions they would have been relegated. So now, back down to division 2. What I'm interested to know from supporters, have City reached their level and will yo yo up n down between the two divisions or stay div 2 or do you think they will keep spiraling down divisions? This is definitely what makes a great pyramid, seeing teams progress and or fail with promotion and relegation and see how they fair over the years through their good times and bad times. Hopefully this bronze crap is sorted and Edinburgh just stay where they are to fight the new season trying to do well in division 2
  2. Sorry Archie, I was mistaken, it wasn't a final, it was a league match I was informed it was a league match between Cambuslang and Kilwinning. in the premier league at the end of last season and the pitch was in a horrendous state. I also remember watching Pollok at Cambuslang, sure it was the same season earlier and the pitch looked OK My bad
  3. I watched a cup final a few years ago at Sommerville park, think it was Pollok and...Kilwinning? The park, honestly, was one of the worst surfaces I've ever seen at that level , never mind a cup final. It was end of season cup final so maybe the weather had got to it
  4. You do know the management signed on for an extra year extension a few months ago so with this in mind lolol where does the rumour come from?, especially as the management signed an extension I cant be bothered searching for it on the third division forum but were you the guy who said the management were gonna be sacked if they don't get promoted, I read it even though they signed an extra year but didn't reply as just wanted to let it flow. If you dislike the team and want to shit stir, gonna shit stir with something more plausible, it might get a few of us interested
  5. Lanark were 2.0 at half time and Threave scored in 66 and 68 minutes to equalize, so close at the end,
  6. No agreed, i do think this will eventually be changed. Sure it was civil service strollers who initiated it but don't know who seconded it
  7. I don't give a shit who does it first, both are the same, just like the chairmen of the SPFL and SFA, looking after themselves and more than happy to feck Scottish Football. Every club voted against relegation when in the SPFL2, Brechin, Berwick Rangers, Cowdenbeath, Albion Rovers, East Stirlingshire and not one of them will be back for a while due to lesser chance of promotion. Anyways enough of my rambling, I think the game down in Stranraer will be a cracker. I did have EK favoutire month before the Playoff but I haven't a clue now. Good luck to both teams on the day
  8. I hate the Lowland league and their self interest but posts like this should do their research before opening their mouth. The Lowland league voted not to open up relegated from the Lowland, (which I'm against), until the SPFL2 open up relegation. It's the same crap from both leagues, any team relegated from the SPFL2, do not come back. Any team relegated from the Lowland league do not come back. There is a reason why teams relegated from both leagues have never came back. The self interest teams don't get it. Get relegation sorted and this will give you a greater chance of coming back, if not, you just end up like the previous, not good enough to come back which is Fact but in the future the level between the SPFL2 and Lowland will level out, could be this season, next season, 5 season, whatever but it will happen I suppose
  9. Not heard much about the game but that a draw was a fair result. With EK not been playing for a few weeks competitively, I wasn't thinking good things for them going into this as favorites. All to play for with the return, I don't think home advantage will be a thing here as it will be all guns blazing from both sides, so may the best team on the day win. Personally I want to see EK go through as a team that finishes bottom of any league in a pyramid should be automatically relegated but if Stranraer win next week then good on them. I will say, if they do get relegated then I'm positive that they will not be back for a very, very long time as they have no chance of winning the Lowland league
  10. Have to admit, this is a good comeback lololool
  11. I haven't a clue, I've only seen Kilwinning 3 times as I don't follow them, just go to games that I think should be enjoyable. Suppose the fact is the coach is the one who got them relegated and he is the one who didn't get them promoted this season. He could be the best next season or there could be someone better, who knows, only time will tell
  12. The backing is based upon the committee think that as the money teams have been promoted this season, Drumchapel and Johnstone Burgh, they think next season it will mainly be about teams who have good coaching and management and run well, this was quoted to me and I get that kinda get that thinking if you have a good management in place, (that's all about everyone personal view), but we can all second guess every team if they have big backing next season, which suppose can happen at any time. I'm still not convinced they will go up next season with what they have right now although its a bit early so new playing staff still to be brought in
  13. Yes I was informed the same at the match from a good source within Kilwinning
  14. It's on the senior released players list
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