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  1. And the league is about to be run by a guy who’s from Gartcairn! You couldn’t make it up
  2. They’re too busy paying players stupid wages for that.
  3. Probably get to the semi finals as it’s pish now
  4. If you told them there were about 100 less clubs and no East representation they might not be as impressed
  5. Well worth it to have league games sat,mon,wed and sat coming up then.
  6. You’re quite happy to play sat,mon,wed,sat ?
  7. The problem is most clubs couldn’t care less as they’ll never be near going up and 90% couldn’t anyway so the tail will wag the dog as usual.
  8. The Junior Cup is NOT more important than putting a club forward for promotion.This 2 leg semi final has now meant that Talbot will play mon,wed and sat soon which is completely unacceptable. If the thing must still be played for can these games not take place when the league season is over? I’m sure Mr McDowall will get it sorted,Aye right!
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