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  1. Much better. Coming from Northern Monk and Pastore thats not really a surprise.
  2. About as bland as bland gets. Disappointing start to the night.
  3. BSC Glasgow 2-0 Carluke Rovers. No game for the Vale today so a short trip to Peterson Park for this Fourth Division match up. Carluke probably the better team but created very little and missed a first half penalty. BSC clinical and scored with their only two real chances at the end of each half. Glorious day for a game.
  4. Queens of the Stone Age - Better Living Through Chemistry
  5. And that's Celtic top now after Rangers surprise loss last night.
  6. Less Than Jake - Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore
  7. Microwave and The Dirty Nil co-headliner at Òran Mór tonight. Both bands on top form and great sound quality in a venue I've not been at before for a gig. Great show. Opened by English grunge duo Sick Joy, a very enjoyable start to the night.
  8. Probably 2 a week, depends how long they are. I have a fairly sizable commute and do a lot of audiobooks.
  9. Punk Paradox by Greg Graffin A really interesting look at Bad Religion and the greater LA punk scene in general. The punk professor is a pretty fascinating man, it's incredible how he wove his academic career seamlessly with his musical one.
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