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  1. Delighted with how that has ended! Missed a week near the start of the season and spent the next 30odd convinced it would come back to haunt me. Thanks @jimbaxters for organising - no easy feat to keep on top of it week after week so thanks for giving up your time. Really enjoyed it. Congrats to all of the prize winners but in particular @dagane - a class of your own in the end.
  2. Any big incomings or outgoings from across the five divisions - lets hear about them.
  3. Absolutely but there is only one set of fans who seem to be almost uniform in their disdain for everything that stops them progressing up the divisions with very little inwards reflection.
  4. You also get a trophy and the honour of being champions? A fairly significant part of the reason everybody gets into the game. Having an unlicensed winner and nobody being promoted out of the league is not ideal but there is no guarantee that even a licensed winner would be promoted(as we seen with Darvel). The simple solution is to go out and build a team good enough to actually win the league and give yourselves the chance of moving up. It's nobody else's fault that you weren't able to do that this season other than yourselves.
  5. First part is arguable and the linesman didn't give the second part so a moot point.
  6. Arthurlie 1-3 Beith Juniors Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 1-3 Largs Thistle Neilston 2-0 Thorniewood United Craigmark Burntonians 3-2 Bonnyton Thistle Kello Rovers 1-4 Lesmahagow Juniors Lugar Boswell Thistle 3-3 Glenvale
  7. It might not be two accounts but there is certainly one who is constantly peddling shite.
  8. That's it exactly. You can be all smug about it and you can claim you are technically allowed to do it but it's embarrassing if there was an agreement in place not to do so(which seems to be the case here). Not the way a club should be run and will do them more harm than good in the long term.
  9. Congratulations to Beith. The best team I've seen in the league this season and again the most consistent. Well deserved winners.
  10. Fantastic game of football up until it went 5-3. Swung back and forth and a had a couple of cracking goals(both for Talbot, sadly). Expected we would kick on towards the end given Talbot's recent run of games but it wasn't to be.
  11. Clydebank 1-2 St. Cadoc's Darvel 4-0 Irvine Meadow XI Rutherglen Glencairn 2-0 Shotts Bon Accord Ardrossan Winton Rovers 3-2 Caledonian Locomotive Ardeer Thistle 1-1 Bellshill Athletic Royal Albert 3-1 Newmains United
  12. Reported by who? If I'm wrong, I'm wrong but I'll wait and see it coming from a more reliable source than a guy on a forum who so very clearly has an axe to grind.
  13. The capacity limit has been greatly increased this season so unsure what point you are trying to make with that? For actually going to watch a game of football it remains easily one of the best grounds. There is no debate to be had on that and it's a cast iron guarantee that attendances would drop significantly if the club moved to some new, soulless 'facility'. Season tickets went on sale today. The club were at a primary school open day last weekend promoting them. They also have good relations with a number of local businesses(local pub sponsoring the bus and hosting the pre/post game for the cup final, as a very recent example).
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