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  1. Spot on. A tiny bit of glitter in a big brown jobby.
  2. Porto v Arsenal has been utter dugmeat. About 100 fouls awarded in a game with about 3 tackles.
  3. East Kilbride have spent a fortune to win the LL. Injured player or player out of form ? They buy a new one. It doesn't appear to me to be a sustainable model for a club with their fan base but time will tell. I have enjoyed watching Bo'ness United in many competitive games this season. Loads of good teams and players in the LL. Standard of football is decent and plenty of grounds to visit. IF Clyde do drop down I am sure their fans will brush off the dust of disappointment and man up to enjoy watching many competitive battles in the Lowland League.
  4. Sharks get a bad press but only kill about 10 people per year Dogs kill about 30,000 per year.
  5. Things that I got the belt for in the late 70's :- Being late Forgetting a text book Laughing when someone who was getting the belt pulled their hands away Ignoring a one way system in the corridor. All a bit excessive but to be honest never did me any harm........ .............but if there's PPI type compensation actions in a few years time expect me to claim flashbacks, PTSD and erectile disfunction !!
  6. Broomhill 1 East Kilbride 0 a full-time score in the Lowland League Cup. Trip to play Broomhill for the BU's in the quarter finals. Date still to be decided but sure 5/6 March was mentioned.
  7. Ticket price for this Fitbaw feast ? A bargain at £ 55 The peoples game ? Aye right !!
  8. Caledonian Braves have some decent players. Thought their centrehalf pairing were particularly good. Up top the BU defence were tested but held on at the end. A wee moan about the referee !! He was constantly letting the Braves players jump into BU players for aerial balls. Playing the man rather than the ball is a foul..... but not today. Couple of contenders for MOTM but for me Danny Irving gets it. Great to see Jamie Hamilton coming on as a sub.
  9. 2-0 McArthur taps in after a Dalziel effort.
  10. Decent conditions for the Fitbaw. Caledonian Braves have 4 draws and a win in their last 5 league games. With only a couple of home games left the BU's really need to take the 3 points today.
  11. Is that not The Muppets Show song ? "De minimis , do doo be-do-do"
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