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  1. WelL done pal least the talbot won something this season
  2. If u were a manager u wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it
  3. 100% another embarrasing episode , but no they only contacted him after the Irvine meadow game
  4. There was a video earlier on in the season probably after getting knocked out of big Scottish cup and gall quoted ‘ we told Tony we wanted the Scottish junior cup this season ‘ he must no have told him if u get there I will Sack u just before it , after playing hutton in west final I didn’t think he could surpass that but even by his standards this is beyond belief
  5. Well done beith what an achievement the last 2 seasons
  6. ProMotion would put the club out the game
  7. After he makes 100% sure I owe u a score
  8. Arthurlie 2 beith 1 rob Roy 1 Largs 3 neilston 0 Thorniewood 2 craigmark 1 bonnyton 2 kello 1 lesmahagow 3 lugar 2 Glenvale 2 thanks for running competition jb
  9. U mite no be a million miles out with that statement
  10. Of course it is but that’s one trophy and no manager in Darvel’s history has won 2 trophies in the one season
  11. West and Scottish in one season , no one has ever done it so that’s how , mick is held in the greatest regard by myself as he transformed the football club and gave us some unbelievable days which will never be forgotten
  12. Of course they are but the bigger earners than them Went
  13. So u agree with this decision ? he’s top Half of the table after being told to get rid of all the top players and high earners and I thought we would be lucky to stay up when that decision was made , not only has he done that easily he has won the west cup which we have never done and favourites for the Scottish cup final , no disrespect to arthurlie
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