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  1. Hate is a bit too strong I'm just not very keen on you lot
  2. Their striker is it Dec McDonald went to darvel. Lewis lovering went to beith.
  3. Beith like the last two seasons will be massive underdogs but we can only try our best once again and let the noisy neighbours up Johnstone way plus all the other big cheeses fire in .
  4. 90 minute rivalry aside and Clydebank intense rivalry aside I really like the way moffat conducts himself and more so in post match interviews , he's honest, fair and is never shy in praising the opposition If his team gets beaten and if guys like Maxwell at pollok could take heed a little with that stuff then he would be all the better for it .
  5. A total character and legend . I remember Jamesie well standing at the touchline wearing his denim jacket and leather sleeves when I grew up. A huge character down ayrshire way and a very likeable guy .
  6. Clydebank fans have been hell bent on slaughtering the level of football they play at and have ripped it totally to bits on here . Why arent they ripping it to bits this time ? Why the leniency? Be consistent lads .
  7. What's the Clydebank fans opinions on this shambles? They're never usually shy to stick the boot into the grade that they're frustratingly attached to.
  8. I'm hearing petershill could be suspended for two years in a row now due to suspending the draw via highlighting their suspension.
  9. Totally get you with the dough they're splashing and the club i support have fell victim to both Johnstone and snake-adocs and it's a disgrace what they're paying and the games pretty much gubbed when it's came to this. . But it's up to the rest of the more sensible clubs to get fucked right into them in every game and they will have a huge target on their backs.
  10. Clydebank finishing above them and winning the league would make it even more pointless . It really is in your hands ........
  11. They could always play at ibrox .........
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