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  1. Truly gutted I'm not able to make it up today. Hope everyone has a brilliant time. 'Mon the Sons!!
  2. Whoever he is, he's a bit of a dark horse. "No results containing all your search terms were found. Your search - Hombleton footballer - did not match any documents. Suggestions: Make sure that all words are spelled correctly. Try different keywords. Try more general keywords. Try fewer keywords."
  3. I think I'll leave my Cadbury's chocolate trifle for another time...
  4. I was hoping today might be a Manic Monday, doesn't look like it though. I actually prefer Sunday (that's my fun day).
  5. Was going to name the whole FC Hound Dogs squad but got stuck after Jack Russell and Al Sation. I really wanted to get Giant Schnauzer in there somewhere too.
  6. What happened to The Dumbarton Terrace? Enjoyed reading that but there have been no entries since the start of the season.
  7. Read down to the end of the Murray era, bookmarked the rest for later. Well written and enjoyed it all so far. Just noticed a typo on the first Aitken match, you have it down as 3-2 to Morton. Cheers.
  8. I play 5-a-side every couple of weeks and always wear a Sons strip. It attracts a fair bit of attention... Them - What team is that then? Me - Dumbarton Them - Is that a Scottish team? Me - Aye Them - What league are they in? Me - Championship Them - Have they got a Championship in Scotland? Me - Aye Them - So how long have you been a Dunfermline supporter?
  9. Due to the heat retention capabilities of the humble tomato, you could potentially heat a 3 bedroom semi-detached house for a week using only 2 cheese and tomato toasties. However, they are more commonly used for removing the skin from the roof of your mouth.
  10. A wee taster... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzCWRfb-9q8
  11. Steven Craig confirmed as done deal, expected to officially sign after Morton game. http://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=1966
  12. Looks like we should just have bought the whole Stranraer team. Less paperwork too.
  13. Just seen the photos on the OS, he's got less hair now but that's the guy I remember. A long time Sons fan so I'm sure he'll be giving the club a good deal. Yeah, the new not-very-subtle stadium name might attract a bit of criticism but who cares? A local business is supporting the club and vice versa. Here's hoping it works out well for both parties.
  14. The more I think about it the more I think it was him. Although, as you'll understand, my memories of queuing up for a burger after Akrams are a little hazy to say the least. I do remember him as being a nice guy, and I take my hat off to him for getting to where he is today. I also run my own business, but not quite at the stage where I can get a football stadium named after my company. Maybe I'll see if I can be a mascot this year or something...
  15. Did Alec the CID man used to sell burgers outside Akrams back in the day?
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