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  1. For the first time in years, cheers Covid you git!, I actually have a set of decent travel plans. I have two weddings in the space of 3 weeks, the first in Zante and the second in Southport. Two days after the second wedding we're heading off to Japan for two weeks starting in Tokyo, then heading for Kyoto and Osaka then heading back to Tokyo and for the first & probably only time we are flying in First class. We have also pencilled in a couple of long weekends with Stockholm being the main one so far.
  2. I always liked that line until I realised that Kilimanjaro is over 200 miles away from the Serengeti
  3. Finally booked for Japan in October 24, spending a few weeks travelling around Central Japan.
  4. Several years ago I lifted someone who was off his face attacking passengers at Cambuslang Station, we took him to the Victoria Infirmary to check him out medically before heading to custody, whilst in there he kicked off and it took 6 officers to restrain him. After a few minutes we had him secure and I went outside to get some air, I was asked by an older lady what was going on with all the Police vehicles, I turned around and counted 12 vehicles, went back in and counted the Officers and there were 32 Police officers in the A&E. This was a Wednesday night at 5pm in April. No wonder there are no patrols in the City.
  5. Ah yes the good old subsumation of offences malarkey . I did a spell in my forces Crime Management and was told that HMIC were telling Police Scotland not to do this as it utterly skewed the true figures.
  6. I first bought a BMW from Park Lane BMW ( who are basically BMW UK) a few years ago, I could buy a BMW for about £100 per month less than a local dealer could, anyway I asked BMW why they didn’t offer Police forces the same deal and they said they do but most forces were worried about the image. They said that they could put a 1 series marked up on the road cheaper than Ford could offer a bog standard Focus.
  7. Having relocated from the West coast to the East Coast recently, we’ve been trying out some of the local chip shops including the Anster Fish restaurant and the Wee Chippy , both are good with my preference being the Wee Chippy. Now to me there’s a great chip shop in Mallaig in the Station building, everything is cooked to order and totally fresh. Another good place for Fish and chips in Mallaig is the “Fish Market “ restaurant. I was in there once when a young American couple came in and asked if there was any Plaice available, staff went to the back window and shouted out, next thing someone pops up from a fishing boat carrying some fish and hands them over to the staff. The look on the couple’s face was brilliant.
  8. Have a look at the Skylark Lounge on 39th Street, good location and drinks.
  9. That’s a very good point TxRover, something I hadn’t considered
  10. If you want to sink a ship you don’t go for the cargo space you go for the engineering space, disable the engines and you lose power, more importantly you lose your emergency pumps to counteract the flooding. Plenty of ships have sunk with relatively minor damage but it was where the damage was. Another reason is that the cargo areas tend to be subdivided whereas engineering spaces by and large are very much more open and more susceptible to “ Free Surface Effect “ which is what sank the Herald of Free Enterprise back in the 80’s.
  11. I’ll be heading to Montrose for the first time myself, it’s a bit easier for me now that I live in Fife, train from Markinch via Dundee and takes just over an hour
  12. I am no military genius but I do know a few people who were ex military and would say that the comment by others that the Russians are holding back from using their “overwhelming “ forces is patently wrong, if you are going to attack someone then you go in full force not piecemeal. If you go in halfhearted you allow the opposition to use their “limited “ resources in a way that “allows “ them battlefield parity and if they have better tactics then they can wear you down bit by bit. In the first Gulf war did the coalition forces send in a couple of tanks and soldiers? Nope! It was a full on assault with overwhelming force and that was pretty swift in finishing the fight.
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