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  1. I reckon it would be fascinating to see where we would be had Durnan, Long, and Young been available all season. I think we would have at least kept Stenny honest.
  2. From the pictures I saw that ref would have postponed any number of our home games this season.
  3. I will be attending this match despite having watched the shambles on Tuesday evening. I also have this match seared into my brain: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_div_1/8947672.stm No small irony that I missed us subsequently doing them 6-0.
  4. Beautiful, just noticed one of our flags has gone from the side of the pitch.
  5. I think the most frustrating thing about our whole situation is that Faz has for three seasons in a row created the mirage of a decent team, but that’s just it, it’s a mirage. Reach out and try and touch it and you’ll find yourself fondling something every bit as sandy as our pitch often is.
  6. Genuinely thought Hogarth was going to clean that boy out.
  7. Looking forward to Faz playing the greatest hits at the end of this one.
  8. No, it’s just Faz doing a Faz for the third season in a row.
  9. Oh great, they fixed it just in time for Stranraer to score again…
  10. Aye this is shite. I’m seeing considerably more of the Leeds game on a second screen than I was intending to. By which I mean that’s the match I can actually watch…
  11. Stenny’s result today just makes our whole season, and the Faz situation, so much more frustrating.
  12. Farrell can clearly convince players to join us. The question has to be asked, what on earth does he do after which makes their performances fall off a cliff. Three seasons in a row we’ve come out of the traps well, only to stumble and fall around the end of the calendar year and not recover.
  13. I know the talk of a title challenge is a joke, but even if we win our two games in hand we’d be twelve points behind a team that has dropped 14 all season. Unless the Stenhousemuir players have done a Morton and *allegedly* flung a bunch of money on them not winning the league, it isn’t happening.
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