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  1. Wonder if east Fife still have the still game announcer
  2. Ahh hopfully it's sorted out soon
  3. Any chance we will have a 2nd goalie by tonight's game ?
  4. Thought we were really good today play like that in the league and we should do well. Thought lenny was brilliant. Hopfully the injuries to sparky and louden aren't too bad. Think once Roberson is fully fit he will be decent
  5. Good signing by the sounds of it time will tell. Now we just need a keeper
  6. Any idea what's happened to lewis reaside? He's not featured at all in preseason
  7. So would I but now we have McKay we don't think we need him
  8. Nathan Cooney signs for banks o dee
  9. Don't think we have cash to throw about. Him and McHattie are good mates think he would have had some influence on it
  10. Looked no bad in the 2 games he played
  11. Herd Mckay signed before the game yesterday
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