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  1. The club need to get their act together. Signing people this early takes away the opportunity for idle speculation, ridiculous rumour-mongering and wild attempts at dreaming of what might be. Poor stuff.
  2. Probably time to drop off this forum for a few weeks whilst all the speculation, rumour-mongering and wild wish-lists come to the fore to fill the void left by no football.
  3. Don't know who Rab is, but perhaps he would like this?
  4. Does typing in a large font make your point more valid?
  5. Anyone donating any sum above a couple of thousand would be the likes of which we have never seen before. With regard to his identity and the size of his donation - really none of my business if he is not trying to unduly influence the direction and strategy of the club to its detriment. I would prefer to thank him for his timely and positive contribution. Conspiracy theories are just boring after a while. If anyone has thoughts on any situation that significantly and materially differs from the Board, then they know what to do about it. They all should reflect on what they could have done better in the past few years - if they can't see or think of anything, then perhaps they should consider if they are best positioned to revitalise our performance as a club and look for another role within the club, because volunteers are always required somewhere.
  6. Thank you - all meeting in Glasgow on Friday night to sort all of this detail out
  7. QQ - is the 29 euros a one-way price? Munich to Stuttgart looking like c 60 euros return on DB just now.
  8. Including no marks like Alloa fans trawling through these threads to get their oar in. Nothing club in a nothing town.
  9. Three messages Well done to all those who upped their game post Christmas. Never let us be in this position again. To those who wished us misfortune - a wee shame.
  10. If a swap does not work we can take them off you. We have 4 tickets for Hungary with 6 travelling, so 2 are champing at the bit to get 'sorted'. Good luck.
  11. Try Paris, Geneva etc. then train to Stuttgart. Munich return £300 on Saturday 22nd then train over Sunday....
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