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  1. TNS are a side that this year alone benefitted from 800.00 euros in Uefa prize money. They have real quality in the side and a winning mentality. I'm sure that Rhys and Dycey have done their homework but I would have been more confident about the game if Megwa and Rae were available.
  2. I believe that Taggart was there on the left to nullify Gabby McGill, and to be fair it worked for a large part of the game. On another day we could have been more clinical and finished it off early but not to be. I will take two memories fronm today however, that totally incompetent and inconsistent referee plus that 14st rucksack that Gal had on his back called Durnan...a win's a win!
  3. For me, Josh Rae in goals makes a huge difference to the side and had he been fit for most of the season I believe we would be pushing Dunfermline. I believe that we will offer enough of a goal threat on Saturday to win this quite comfortably despite being away from home. If we can nullify the arial threat from Alloa at set pieces then we should be fairly comfortable and this begs the question as to whether ATS will regain his position.
  4. Chrighton was certainly a 'stopper' and very good in the air. Unfortunately his abilities finished there. He found it very difficult to play out from the back and seemed lost outside of his own penalty box. I do feel sorry for Fordyce somewhat as I feel that he has had to carry the back line all on his own with constant changes to playing partners and the lack of decent full backs to eliminate the constant crosses into the box. I'm pretty sure that almost every other side in the division would be glad to have him.
  5. I agree that we can't be too down about the points tally in recent games. If we lost those points against the bottom sides then I would worry. The trouble for many supporters now is the fact that we need to be about four goals up against a side so that we can relax. If our players misfire as on Saturday then we have big problems. Personally, I believe that only Fordyce and Ballantyne and perhaps Devenney are worth their place in the defensive lineup. Take a look at the highlights this year and you will see the same players guilty of defensive errors and poor positioning. Other managers always comment that we have "a way of playing". That is certainly true, the trouble is how to change it when we go behind or lose a player.
  6. I'm heartened to see so many posters realise that Falkirk and Dunfermline are where they are because of their fanbase and budget. I personally think that Rhys has done a terrific job so far given his experience and some of the comments on his abilities are frankly ridiculous. Yesterday could have easily gone in our favour but we have become so accustomed to the likes of Smithy missing sitters from five yards out that fans vent their frustrations about tactics etc. As I have said in a previous post, all that is missing is quality and experience from the bench and that is where the finances kick in.
  7. For me, our problems were fairly obvious today. We had enough chances to win five games but were not clinical in the box for the umpteenth time. We also cannot compete with Falkirk and Dunfermline in terms of quality squad numbers unless we approach their crowd sizes so I don't see that changing. Not scoring and conceding at crucial times in games has been our undoing of late coupled with conceding penalties. With regard to the mental aspect of the game, I don't believe that a manager on the sidelines would be an improvement to a manager on the park. Maybe only as someone who can take a broader view tactically. With regard to Ian McCall I don't think for a minute that he would come here as he will find better-paid employment elsewhere.
  8. The play in the first half was excellent, to say the least, but irrespective of the penalty I don't know if we would have held them as the game went on. Our style of high-energy pressing for the first fifty minutes is difficult to maintain for most sides at this level. As with Edinburgh and a few other games we have succumbed as the games progressed although we still had chances to bury it today. The tide turned in my opinion with Otoo coming on for Dunfermline as the dominance we had in midfield almost disappeared. The Dunfermline goals I would like to see again as it appeared that we were taken apart all too easily. What summed our failures up for me was bringing Lachie on at the same time as Todorov with the one object in mind...stay on him at all times. Within five minutes Lachie had lost him in the box and it was 3-3. Not to blame the defeat on the big guy as he's still learning but the second half was men against boys at times.
  9. it is fair to say that Edwards and MacDonald have 'bullied' most wingbacks this season, mainly due to the fact that they are Championship quality players. We should know, both of them have played for us. I think that we will cause Dunfermline lots of problems with our quality however, and the games will come down to who is more clinical in the penalty box. We are third in the table for a reason and if the players don't 'turn up' for these two games then we really have a problem. Looking forward to Saturday as I think we will put in a good performance in front of what should be a good crowd.
  10. After last week's performance we were rightly pleased with the way things are going. Today however was a great wake up call before the Dunfermline game that sometimes the games and referees won't go our way. I hope the team takes this into next week and realise that a result is going to be hard won and several players will have to up their game. I include callum Smith in this category as he needs to show more of what he is capable of, especially against his old club next week. Glad to get a win today as the Clyde team were well organised, but in reality, how many saves did our keeper make during the game? Other sides this season will find Clyde just as difficult as we did today so I wouldn't be too downhearted about today's performance.
  11. For me the only change to the back four would be to drop Watson. His form has dipped recently and no doubt will return at some point. Getting Ballantyne in for the Clyde game will allow him match practice before the Dunfermline games where Josh Edwards is probably the biggest threat. Fordyce and ATS in the center seems to work OK so don't see a need to change that.
  12. Great result yesterday and well deserved victory against a fairly decent Alloa side. One player who sometimes receives a lot of criticism is Gabby McGill but yesterday showed us in my opinion why he is so important to the forward line. His constant energy and drive with the ability to draw players from Gal in particular was a big part of the victory. Like all players he will have his poor games, but for me he is one who is showing real improvement and a willingness to learn.
  13. Don't think for a minute that Jamieson going back will be as big a blow to us as Allegria going back to Rangers will be to Falkirk. As for Mcmaster I believe there is a fair bit of talent there but I felt that his commitment shaded a bit when he was injured early on. We only have to look at Stanway and his presence in one game to realise that Dean won't see too many starts this season.
  14. Currie is history for both of us now but you have to ask what both our managers seen in him in the first place. My opinion of him hasn't changed since the first time he played for us. Good shot stopper but decision making left a lot to be desired. Currie always seemed to let us down when it mattered and that for me was a clear indicator of a keeper who cannot and should not be playing football at our level. Good luck to the guy and good luck to EK if they ever get to a play off or the like.
  15. Poor defending from the first relates to Fosu who was marking Gall and lost him in two feet of space. Brown was so incensed that he scudded the ball off him in disgust, only to be subbed minutes later. Dreadful defending by your guy who didn't seem to Give a ****
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