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  1. If one, ten, one hundred or thousands sign from my post I’m entirely grateful. Unfortunately others on here have decent to point this post in a different direction. Thanks for your time.
  2. If you vote for the Petition- Thanks. If not - Thanks for taking time to comment/view this topic. Have a nice night.
  3. Pretty much this. No one should be jumping housing lists or getting preferential treatment because they made a career choice. Unfortunately whilst serving you don’t establish a “home” for your family. They travel to new posting location without support of family and friends. But whilst serving you are guaranteed a Married Quarter or Single Service Accommodation. So should Service Personnel register with local councils when they enlist so they don’t receive preferential treatment?
  4. I am a decent bloke. If we all had the same views the World would be a poorer place.
  5. If the petition gets enough support from all parts of the UK then hopefully it will become Law.
  6. I have asked folk to support this petition. It’s up to them if they sign it or not. The topics you are highlighting/raising are for a separate thread/topic. If you want to start one then please do and it leaves this thread dedicated to the Petition. Thanks and have a nice night.
  7. I think I’ll pass today. But thanks for taking the time to reply. Enjoy the rest of your day.
  8. In fairness it's a reasonable request. I don't agree with many of the illegal wars we have entered nor the absolute hijacking of armistice day by right wing Brit nats; however many of these young lads joined due to limited options, so yes they should be looked after imo, especially re. mental health traumatic stress etc. Thanks. I believe it’s a reasonable request to ask to sign petition. If you don’t want to then that’s your decision. One thing the Services taught me was Respect. Treat folk the way you want to be treated. Have a nice but wet Scottish Monday.
  9. Them too. Even Celtic Aberdeen Hearts Hibs Motherwell as well. Have a nice day.
  10. I served with fans/supporters of more than just Rangers. You will be surprised to hear. The Armed Forces is a diverse community.
  11. I’ve asked for folk to sign petition. You have a decision to make. It’s either Yes or No. No arm up back - I’ve asked politely and I’ll not be offended if you don’t sign. If you want to start a petition for other folk then log onto the Government Website. Have a beautiful day.
  12. Dear All The Armed Forces Covenant makes commitments, but is currently voluntary. The Government should make the Covenant Law and create statutory requirements for the provision of services such as housing and mental health support for veterans. Trevor Coult MC started this petition and I’m doing my bit as an ex Submariner to try and raise the 100000 signatures we require. Can I please ask you to sign the petition below. Currently over 21000 people have signed the petition. Today the 54th Ex Service person committed Suicide. RIP Mr Dean Corbett. Thanks. Raymond https://t.co/lJ0eAXUrRR?amp=1
  13. Yes Big Granty from Bannockburn. Another good signing by Mick. Nightmare for defenders Granty. Be missed in the Fosters by his team mates but not by Defenders. They will be happy he’s away back to the Juniors. All the best to the big man.
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