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  1. £20 a ticket for the Celtic game. The game vs Celtic earlier this season was the first time i'd been to a game vs either cheek for years, partly driven by the price, partly because it was much easier to get a ticket (i'm not a season ticket holder). Cheapest game of the season - why don't the club make more of this? Infuriating
  2. Pretty sure the Bothy was run by the G1 Group, from Glasgow, and at one time they also had the Playhouse cinema and Harry's restaurant. The Bothy was alright, but the service was really slow, and Harry's took that to a different level and died on its arse fairly quickly. So they were really just more weegie pish!
  3. Saw that happen in a few sections. The problem is that all the concession tickets for Hampden are in the sections where half the folk want to stand and are several pints deep. I was with my son, and ended up moving to the empty seats towards the nearest Celtic section, because even if he was happy to stand he wouldn't have seen any of the game.
  4. The main stand wasn't closed but maybe some of it was - I remember sitting in the stand in one of the later games in the final season at Muirton. I think there was more a feeling of excitement at moving to a brand new stadium. Worth remembering that most stadiums in the country were complete dumps with terrible facilities. I think Pittodrie and Kilbowie were the only other all-seater stadiums at the time.
  5. How did Duffy get on today? Why was Ralston hooked for the Estonian carthorse - injury?
  6. That season, we had 6K plus crowds vs Aberdeen, Dundee (x2), Celtic (x3) and over 7000 vs Dundee United, but that is largely due to healthy away supports. I'm not convinced there has been much fluctuation in terms of home support either pre or post cup win.
  7. Think the St Johnstone away kit that season was identical. Can't find any photos though
  8. I was 9, and sat in the stand with my dad next to the terrace where the Saints fans were. I can't remember if the stand was mixed, but there a lot of Saints fans in there too - I remember when the full time whistle went everyone standing up and cheering like we had scored. I thought it was strange to cheer a 0-0 draw, but I didn't really appreciate the gulf in finances between the sides. I remember the crowd spilling on to the trackside - my memory of it was that it was in the Saints end, but it seems i was wrong.
  9. Actually, I think this is a big part of the problem. Perth folk have a really bizarre lack of pride in the local community, and that has a big impact on Saints. I'm pretty sure if we opened the gates for free one saturday, we'd still struggle to get any more than 4000. Knowing the Perth public, they'd probably just moan about it.
  10. I was 10 when we moved to McDiarmid, so don't remember if they had steak and kidney, but it sounds pretty unlikely. I do remember my dad complained about the pies once we moved stadiums, as he reckoned the ones at Muirton were from Murrays bakers (Perth's finest), but they got a new supplier at McDiarmid, and they were a bit shit. Anyway, in those days we had great crowds, but shit pies, now we have shit crowds but everyone loves the pies. We'll get the balance right one day.
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