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  1. It was brilliant I also got a wee selfie video with him saying don’t wind afterwards
  2. Going tonight Am I allowed to shout “don’t wind” at Whitehouse?
  3. Never missed them when they’ve been in Scotland, also seen them in Berlin a couple of times and another couple of times down south Met him a couple of times, an absolute gentleman Sore yin this one
  4. I’ll probably buy the ticket for my season ticket seat and not go. Club get my money, no stranger from out of town using a local pal’s address gets my seat
  5. My gran used to say that, she was from Beith She also finished every sentence with Ken , very confusing for a youngster from Dunbartonshire whose name isn’t Kenneth
  6. Just watched Yusuf/Cat Stevens Magnificent and his backing singer was a big darlin
  7. Blackberry Smoke tonight First gig since 2019, looking forward to it
  8. Started a young fella in work last year. His dad was born the same year I started high school
  9. Stag’s, fitba, Ettrick, up the road for the bells, doing for being in a state before the bells and bed before half eleven
  10. I refuse to leave the Stag’s before 15.10 whatever time the kick off
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