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  1. Perhaps the person in question should offer their resignation from the Trust Board. That would be the honourable thing to do in my opinion for what it is worth. The trust board have done themselves no favours and may lead to a decrease in fans joining next year.
  2. If it is found to be a club employee surely they will be an ex club employee
  3. Surely some of the money generated from the game with Rangers could be used to employ a competent local groundsman to take care of our pitch.
  4. Having read their pitches for the position of the Trust’s representative on the full board of DFC I have the following comments. Fife Son i agree that we need to increase the fan base but at the moment increasing the ground capacity is not an option. When was the last time that we filled our end of the ground to its full capacity (apart from the Rangers game)? Having the extra stands would be great but to benefit from such an investment the team would need to be a established Championship team. Encouraging more community involvement in the use of the facilities would bring in much needed revenue but that needs engagement with local community groups to achieve these benefits by means of employing a community liaison post to reach out to them. The £110000 income from the Cup games needs to be spent (if it has not gone elsewhere) on employing a decent local grounds person or the investing in an artificial pitch which could bring additional benefits to the club as the club’s main priority right now. Secondly I would invest in a decent website builder as the current (improved version) is hopeless. I see that you are involved in local community groups which is a good thing and hopefully if you are successful in your nomination your business qualifications as well would bring some value to the Board. Sons Fan i like your sentiment and honesty regarding your family connection to the club. However I feel this may go against you as you may be seen as another tool in the Andy Hosie’s vision for the club (whatever that is). I hope I am wrong and that your youth and enthusiastic ideas are welcoming and would hope to come to fruition. Youth is the future of the club and without it there is no long term viability of the club in senior football.. I agree that we need to advance with the times and that technology is the way forward and that your expertise in that area is something that the Board should be looking at. In summary i too have been involved in the club when we were at Boghead organising the sale of programmes and saw the behind the scenes that took place to run the club. My son has been a ball boy as well. It was well run with the supporters at the heart of it but since the advent of Brabco and Cognitive Capital I feel that the club has been in decline and they need to be gone, how this achieved I don’t know. I also have a connection with the club but I won’t let this sway my vote. Good luck too the candidates
  5. Will we be allowed a Sons V H*ns rhyming slang as a title on the domestic football page. Just asking for a friend.
  6. Likewise. I remember their last visit and the intimidation of those of us in the home end.
  7. Don’t know why we persisted in passing the ballin the box from a goal kick. I know a lot of teams build up from the back, but kicking up the park would take the pressure of the keeper and the defence. Today we committed 4 daft errors , 3 leading to the goals and the sending off. Wilde should be nowhere near the team unless injury means he needs to play.
  8. Just see one of the Trust members in the bar before the game. He will happily take your £10.
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