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  1. New Cowden kit now available online and at the gala on Sunday at our clubs stall. https://www.thefootballnation.co.uk/cowdenbeath-shop?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR3-7jd9NHd9OYmX2P2FZdjY19_ODVsLLlfF4zz4zo_jZkmhwJUkzFF_9Qs_aem_AS2ARktVx9S5RHm_tsMEoqJzfBrjrfmuQtHpcpUufRhiNmXEVdIkzYSkh61srix8HXCS8Iqor7EqNyVnWsUNNCr1
  2. Your idea could perhaps be considered by the clubs charity Cowden in the community as a suggestion.
  3. Well done Stranraer. Enjoy your night and the relief you will still be playing SPFL football next season. We faced 3 horrible SPFL Club 42 playoffs as you know and had the relief of two but sadly not the third one. Best of luck for the future
  4. https://www.centralfifetimes.com/sport/24300480.cowdenbeath-hope-appoint-new-manager-week/
  5. Very quiet indeed. Hopefully hear something soon.
  6. Any idea what the full article says as look's like you have to subscribe these day's?
  7. His academy appears to be well established and maybe he would consider a football management position. No Idea though if that would appeal to them or if they have that desire. Would be a good option though in my opinion to have him involved in some shape or form.
  8. Since the next Cowden manager chat has went very silent and to generate some discussion on the next person to take the hot seat I wonder if Joe Cardle would be interested in the job and worth a shout?. Good development footballing links within the local communities. His football academy probably takes up most of his time though.
  9. Agree but would he be willing to leave his current club.
  10. Agree. At least we have an experienced central midfielder with Mcnab
  11. Defence definitely needs addressed. Hopefully the new manager gets the perfect formula of a solid defence but also a team that is capable of scoring a few goals each game. If Sandys Albion find a winning formula up front they could well be up there next season with the best defensive record in the league this season.
  12. Not a great game but what a goal by Robbie. A win is a win however and good to come back from one nil down. Meanwhile nice to be in the club bar at full time when lot's of folk have turned up.
  13. Agree. Defence has been an issue this season. Disappointing to lose a great lead at following winning in the first half. Still though I hope Crawford/Dair are here for the longer term next season.
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