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  1. 13 minutes ago, Hisingdoon said:

    MW1-beat Annan as table is sorted alphabetically

    MW3-beat Stirling we were 3rd they were second

    That’s it we’ve been on top ever since MW4

    Not true I'm afraid. Hamilton overtook us on 2nd December when our game against Cove was postponed and they beat QOTS 5-0. 

    They were still top the following week on goal difference even though they dropped two points to Alloa. 

    Then we beat them at NDP and have held top spot ever since. 


  2. Just now, Bairnardo said:

    As said all along, I just want us to stay grounded and keep winning games till the job is done, but i'm beginning to think that Queen of the South arent going to be in the title reckoning

    I think everyone on the football side of the club is grounded. Even in hospitality last night when asked by the compere in the post-match interviews the players were sticking to the "nothing won in February" routine. They'll be professional to the end. 

    What interests me is what "end" we're talking about. When we last won a title in 2004/05 we lost 3 out of our final four games after clinching it. The players were in holiday mode. 

    If we secure the title with a pile of games left and are still undefeated at that point - will we keep it going to try and earn an invincibles tag?  


  3. 37 minutes ago, Ranaldo Bairn said:

    I have Morrison on 51 goals, not 50. The only one I can think of that might be incorrect was the one at Kelty - did that go down as an OG by the keeper? BBC have him scoring 2 but I'm sure it was an OG.

    I thought I was the only one who noticed that, as I have him on 51 too. I gave him both goals against Kelty as he was so close he must have got a touch and I doubt anyone could prove otherwise. 

    If I mind I'll ask next time I see him. 



    Goal Falkirk 3rd (1) .jpg

  4. 59 minutes ago, BPM said:

    5 wins would do it now IMO. That would mean Hamilton would need to win 10 of their twelve games to beat us. Don’t see them doing that 

    It's done. We need to lose 5 out of 12 for them to overhaul us while winning all 12 of theirs. Or us to lose 6, 7 or 8 if they drop further points along the way. It's mathematically possible, but the chances of it happening are miniscule. 


  5. 12 minutes ago, BPM said:

    We are now 1/20 on Bet365 to win the league. Win on Tuesday and that will be 1/25 or even shorter. The Bookies don’t get many things wrong and very rarely as spectacularly as this.   

    I bet Morton could screw it up from here. 😂

    Oh feck. I just thought of something. When we go up we'll have to deal with all those roasters they can fans polluting the FFC thread again. 

  6. 48 minutes ago, Beckford said:

    Gerry strain posing in the dug out was the final insult today and was only going to wind up the more vocal section of our support. 

    As Dylan Tait was running off the field following the warmup, a chunky guy in an Accies bodywarmer with the white initials "GS" approached Dyl and tried to greet him like a long-lost friend. DT turned his face and body away with only one word uttered - "later". Looked the very definition of being snubbed.

    Though I could of course be mistaken and that the player was just too focussed on the game at that point to be indulging in social niceties. 


  7. 6 minutes ago, Bairn in Exile said:

    Let us say that 50% of the fans in the KM7 decide to walk over to the north stand, could 50% of the stewards from the KM7 not be syphoned off to manage the transfer of the fans? Seems a bit extreme to hire an additional set of stewards for the whole game when they are only going to be needed for 15 minutes tops.

    I've no idea. I'm sure there will be some sort of risk-assessment based formula which determines how many stewards are appropriate relative to fan numbers but I wouldn't know how it works. 

  8. 15 minutes ago, NavyBlueArmy1876 said:

    No reason why this couldn't be brought in at TFS to get between the south and north via the east side. H&S is an important factor that would have to be considered and probably some additional measures introduced but nothing that would be a deal-breaker

    I walk round the East side on a regular basis, as will players going from the community changing rooms to the community pitch. The ground is walkable but it's not completely flat and isn't paved. My guess is that if some old biddy tripped and injured themselves it could be argued that the club hadn't taken all reasonable steps to ensure their safety. ("Reasonable" being a paved surface.) 

    The other thing is there are no fences on the East side, so people could encroach on the pitch. The only way to prevent that would be to hire an additional set of stewards to stand along the edge which would increase costs to the club. Even if you put a fence up I assume the area would still have to be stewarded. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, ebobsboy said:

    Happy Saturday troops. Now please let us pump Accies next week, although a draw wouldn't be the worst result, beat them and win the game in hand makes it very difficult for them to catch us. 

    Before today I would have taken a draw as I was expecting them to come out all guns blazing, just as we did at NDP. 

    After today, I think their confidence will be so low that anything going wrong on the field will see their players chuck it. We know our team is settled, organised and have a togetherness that will see them fight to the last minute. Hamilton don't appear to have that.

    Get in front, watch their heads go down and then see out the game. And put what would surely be the final nail in their coffin. 


  10. On 03/02/2024 at 23:35, Todd_is_God said:

    We comfortably dispatched of TNS in pre season so complete minter for Falkirk tonight tbh.

    Dropping points to Edinburgh City's B team and out the Scottish to Bonnyrigg. Now this embarassment. Be interesting to see how you react to your first league defeat on the 17th - Would be a huge riddy to bottle the league now after your tweet last week.

    Sorry, I didn't hear you properly. 

    Did you say something about minters or embarrassments? Maybe even a riddy? 

    Never mind, we all know the Accies have bottle. You can show it against lowly Annan today. 😎

    Cele 1.jpg

    Cele 2.jpg

  11. 6 minutes ago, FFC 1876 said:

    Herald had Agyeman's quoted as a 3 year deal, the club never seem to have announced how long it was though.

    It was two years. I asked him when I photographed him. It's not a secret, but as he was announced before the end of last season the intention was to give out his contract details when he turned up for preseason in June. I guess that got forgotten about. 

  12. 10 minutes ago, LatapyBairn. said:

    All the players brought in over the summer were two year deals I believe although I think a few of them have clauses that allow players to walk if we don’t get promoted. 

    Apart from Nicky Hogarth, who was announced as a one year deal. 

  13. 6 hours ago, Bairn in Exile said:

    I thought Pearse Carroll was gallus as f*ck for us when he played, confidence beyond his years. I know that he had personal issues but I would have loved us to have kept his registration and maybe loaned him out to a non-SPFL club nearer his family and home until he felt mentally fit to return to us.

    He's back in football. It was announced by Whitburn Juniors about a week ago that he'd signed for them. 

  14. We've had our carcrash moments in recent years. A certain Q&A at the Inchyra hotel springs to mind, as do a few of the decisions made when we had a DOF. Never mind further back around the closing of our academy. 

    But some of your social media posts are beyond belief. Never mind the transfer story about signing three of our players this window or the alleged claim made in December by one of your club officials that we would lose Morrison to England in January. If that doesn't happen by tomorrow night this thread will be full of Falkirk fans laughing at you. 

    I'm not one of them and this isn't a gloating post. We've been where you are and it's not fun. At least we now seem to have a BOD and staff who're in touch with the ordinary fans. I wish you luck in getting the same. 

  15. 11 minutes ago, StuartA said:

     I'd personally prefer to see all the football be it women, kids, coaching etc brought under the club, but I that'll all take time under the rebuild.  

    As would I and many other people. The Foundation do good work, but in recent years they seem to be focussing on more charitable initiatives such as getting people into work, mental health etc. Nothing wrong with any of that but I've spoken to a lot of parents, coaches, volunteers and players who're extremely unhappy with the lack of support the football side gets now compared to how it used to be a few years back. 

  16. 15 minutes ago, Mr Grimsdale said:

    Who runs the Women’s team? The club or Foundation? 

    Foundation. Club only run the first team and academy, which currently comprises U16s and U18s. The plan is to have a full academy again from season 25/26, as per a conversation I had with Tony Begg before the U16 game on Sunday morning. That will obviously cost a lot more money so presumably we'll have to be in at least the upper reaches of the Championship by then. I was told the figure but for obvious reasons I'm not going to post that here. 

  17. 10 minutes ago, Kevin James Left Knee said:



    Lets not mention the result. 🙈

    I just don't know what to make of the girls this season. When they're on it, they destroy anyone who runs into them, regardless of whether they're top of the league or how few games they've lost. But when they're off it, OMG they're honking. Six home league games and six wins. All of them very comprehensive. Away they've played six, drawn two and lost four. They're still in with a chance of promotion but if they're to achieve it their away form needs to improve dramatically. 

    I wish we could do something to take our womens team in house. They're amateurs who work as students, teachers. nurses, physios and police officers, amongst various other roles. Even a small amount of cash put their way from the mens revenue would make a massive difference. If anyone wants to get involved with sponsorship please get in contact with their twitter account or myself. 

    But to go back to the video, well done to the young team. A few of our players have children who're ages with them so they have an empathy towards the kids. And the girls really appreciate the support. I've made a few SM posts thanking them but as those are on platforms mainly seen by youngsters I might as well put one of a forum frequently by us oldies. Thanks boys and girls. You're noticed and appreciated. 

  18. 41 minutes ago, LeodhasXD said:

    I feel like there's been two direct digs that have missed the target tonight. 😂

    Unlike our strikers, who've hit the target 12 times against your team this season. 😎


    I've no issue with the banter between you and our social media guys. That's how it goes when you stick your head above the parapet. But you're getting ripped to shreds by our fans today. 

    As I'm sure you've worked out, the graphic which has 850 likes so far was created largely because of your online behaviour. Maybe it's time to be a little less antagonistic? 

  19. 53 minutes ago, Proudtobeabairn said:

    Independent of other board members/groups.  

    Where there is debate at board level, FSS should always represent the view of its members (its the elected members responsibility to gauge that accurately through whatever means) and challenge the other 2 legs where the need arises.  

    For that reason, FSS reps should never also be patrons or major shareholders as that could result in a conflict of interest further down the line. 

    That's what I'm getting at re FSS being independent.  Nothing to do with some FSS members being unhappy with the stance the FSS rep takes, that can only ever represent the majority of members views.  

    Fair enough I get you now. It would be up to the FSS committee at the time to make a decision on excluding members of other groups from standing as BOD reps, though given the difficultly they've had in retaining directors or even getting people to stand, that might make it harder to fill those roles. It's surely better to have an FSS director who's also a patron rather than no director at all. 



  20. 33 minutes ago, Proudtobeabairn said:

    I agree that FSS needs to be independent though.  

    This viewpoint gets posted a lot and it's something I genuinely don't understand. 

    The FSS can't be independent of the BOD, given that their reps currently comprise just under half of it. The FSS are a major factor in determining what direction the club takes. Lets take an imaginary example:- 

    An FSS board rep position is up for grabs. The members will vote democratically to decide who gets it. One candidate is a diehard Bairn who's the brother of a multi-billionaire Celtic fan who could turn us into the next Man City. He wants complete control and his election would abandon the concept of fan ownership. The other candidate is also a diehard Bairn, but he wants to stick with the existing model where the fans groups provide the funding and have a veto over any major decisions that would require an EGM to be passed. 

    Regardless of which FSS member wins the election, people are going to be unhappy.

    What should an independent FSS committee do that they can't do already? Turn against their elected candidate and make posts on P&B attacking him/her? 

    The current model is completely democratic. I'm not sure how you improve on it.  Can I ask what specific independence you would like to see that isn't already in place? 

  21. 42 minutes ago, Roboccop said:

    Yes in an FSS meeting where I pointed out that that would mean the Board could de facto abort any Fss motion. I then brought it up at the members meeting. 

    it’s ok just now when everyone is on

    the same page but come the time when the support feels it is out of synch then the indépendance of FSS will be a real issue. 

    I think we’re talking about two separate things here.

    I agree with your original point that ongoing FSS contributions should be a loan. I have no reason to disbelieve BTDs assurance that it’s being worked on and is ongoing. My assumption is that it will eventually be sorted just as the 25% issue was.


    As for your first sentence above, in my opinion THAT’S HOW IT SHOULD BE. The board should be able to veto ANY proposal made by ANY group of shareholders.

    Those five people run the company. They’re the ones who’ve put themselves forward, have the skills to do it have been elected by the shareholders. They also have access to financial information which us ordinary fans don’t.

    In my eyes, once those people are in situ then the FSS committee and 850 members don’t get to tell them what to do. Any more than the members of the patrons group can. Both groups of fans can canvas opinions of their membership, present the results to their directors and lobby for change.  

    But to me the decisions should always lie with the elected board members. If they get it wrong, kick them out at the next election. 

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