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  1. Yeah he's still about. I saw him in reception on Saturday.
  2. No because a lot of people were hurting after the Airdrie result and just wanted to lash out. Hence all the vitriol over the summer. But when you looked back at last season there were a lot of positives. Improved performances, better league position, vastly improved recruitment and some really enjoyable games. It's undeniable that McGlynn improved us last season. The calls to bin him because he hadn't improved us ENOUGH were just mental.
  3. Wow. We have a squad of 20. 4 loanees and 19 signed players, 3 of whom aren't rated which is why they've been punted out on loan. All 20 are very much part of the squad and are regularly involved as either starters or subs,
  4. They didn't. I assumed he'd been released and was surprised when I saw him a development cup or closed door game as he's too old for the 18s. I asked Tony Begg about it but I've long since forgotten who he's with atm. I don't think anyone told the club media staff at the time, hence the lack of an announcement.
  5. Even if all those currently being discussed were signed, there's still at least five vacancies to be filled as I don't imagine Long, McKay, Bisland, McGinn & Lawal will be here next season. Never mind the uncertainty over Mackie, Oliver and Allan. It's also possible we'll run with a larger squad in the championship as we currently have only 20. (not counting the 3 first teamers on loan) It'll be interesting to see how close Honeyman, Walker, Hayward & Sinclair are to the first team next season. The first two appear to be doing very well on loan and Hayward may be considered good enough to become the backup goalie. Though I've no idea how he's getting on currently at Penicuik. Ditto Sinclair at Tynecastle. AFAIK we also have two youth players on loan as amateurs in Shay Burke and Max McGinley. They might end up getting modern apprenticeships, which I'd be happy with as I always rated Burke in particular.
  6. Wow. So you're not actually old enough to have seen him play? A very quick look online shows he played for us just prior to the outbreak of WW2, so I always assumed that was the era you were in your prime.
  7. That's what I have too, with 283 goals. A figure that will never be beaten.
  8. I'm not sure where I got these stats from, but I've held them in my FFC spreadsheet for a number of years now. In 44 years of watching Falkirk, these are the top goalscorers I've seen in person: Crunchie 61 Cadette 46 Hoggan 44 McWilliams 43 McRoberts 42 Houston 40 Duffy 36. A few of those are already considered legends, so if Cal can top that table he absolutely should be considered in the same bracket as them. And with 12 games left of this season and two more years afterwards, who would bet against him?
  9. Not necessarily. Both had worked with McGlynn before and I was told on the day we signed them that he was a large part of the reason they came here. Lang had interest from a Premier League club who wanted to have a look at him and you must assume they could have paid more than we did. You could also reasonably assume Morrison could have earned more had he left us. He might well have doubled his salary if some of the figures reported were accurate. However, if he has two good seasons playing for us at the top end of the Championship that may turn out more beneficial to his longterm career than a move to somewhere like Linfield or Salford City. He might have gazillioned his salary if he'd signed for megabucks Hamilton, but who in their right mind would want to go there?
  10. Nothing to do with signings. Look at the points gap.
  11. Not true I'm afraid. Hamilton overtook us on 2nd December when our game against Cove was postponed and they beat QOTS 5-0. They were still top the following week on goal difference even though they dropped two points to Alloa. Then we beat them at NDP and have held top spot ever since.
  12. I think everyone on the football side of the club is grounded. Even in hospitality last night when asked by the compere in the post-match interviews the players were sticking to the "nothing won in February" routine. They'll be professional to the end. What interests me is what "end" we're talking about. When we last won a title in 2004/05 we lost 3 out of our final four games after clinching it. The players were in holiday mode. If we secure the title with a pile of games left and are still undefeated at that point - will we keep it going to try and earn an invincibles tag?
  13. I thought I was the only one who noticed that, as I have him on 51 too. I gave him both goals against Kelty as he was so close he must have got a touch and I doubt anyone could prove otherwise. If I mind I'll ask next time I see him.
  14. It's done. We need to lose 5 out of 12 for them to overhaul us while winning all 12 of theirs. Or us to lose 6, 7 or 8 if they drop further points along the way. It's mathematically possible, but the chances of it happening are miniscule.
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