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  1. Dipping in again now that we're at another point of interest. For what it's worth on Valakari, he does acknowledge in a video, the Captain (I think) put up, of a conversation with Tromso fans that the Scottish game is a lot more fast paced and "kick & rush" than the slower paced Scandinavian games that he can play his preferred progressive passing style. Perhaps with this acknowledgement he wouldn't come in and go straight for the Maloney/Glass approach that evidently just doesn't suit the 10 other teams in the league & build towards it as an aspiration over time. It does feel a completely different game watching the slower paced Finnish match from a few pages ago, versus a typical Motherwell v St Mirren (for example) game up here - the cycnic in me says trying that slower possession Valakari style up here with our budget just wouldn't work, but won't know until you take that risk and try I guess.
  2. Not posted much this season, out of a general apathy than anything else. Popping up to say I too enjoy Paneer. Signing a 34 year old from St Mirren would ordinarily struggle to have me whelmed at normal times. But, given the current circumstances and we're seeing players like McGinley seemingly coming up and struggle to settle due to only being able to look at their own 4 walls, then going for players with ties to the somewhat local area that can do a job will have to do.
  3. Not the most glamorous of names in comparison to the Ariyibi and Aarons' that we've signed in previous January windows, but proven and reliable at this level is probably what we're needing right now.
  4. Ordinarily if one of the OF had been on the end of a bad result in Europe a few days before I would be fearful for a backlash (After chucking a lead, I'd expect Rangers to put >3 goals into Accies on Sunday). Celtic appear to be a club in a bit of a meltdown, where last night's result for them wasn't a one off and you'd imagine they'll be a bit mentally vulnerable because of poor results of late. While I'd naturally expect some sort of a reaction from them, if we can weather a bit of an early storm then I'd hope our firing forward line can take advantage of how leaky they are at the back - to put it kindly. 2-1 home win. Although I wouldn't confidently put money on it, I'm more confident than previous occasions we've faced on Old Firm team.
  5. Not much notice in terms of the pre orders, completely missed Amazon selling out this morning. Having amassed £300 in vouchers from Amazon over the year, I’ve somewhat committed to buying from there. May take a look at Argos tomorrow and put the vouchers to other things, or just wait til after launch for Amazon to restock it. Fair play to Sony on the price though!
  6. Was wondering that after last night on seeing Celtic go behind - they do not and games go to ET/Pens if a draw. Best link I could find.
  7. No problems at all with Hastie being back, or indeed when he left for that matter it's a short career, better the devil you know at the top end of the pitch. As long as he gives his all when on the pitch for us then that's all I'm interested in. Would argue it would be in our interests to see him do well with us, try and put him in the shop window for a move a club down south that would see us bring in some sort of sell on percentage.
  8. * Ewan Murray. Ewen Murray is a golf commentator and I don't think would enjoy having his name associated with that ehm, objective journalism.
  9. Memories! Haha, I'd need to use my work's laptop if I wanted a disc drive, to play the game. Probably best not ...
  10. Inspired, had a rummage for my FM09 disc but couldn't find it. Is FM09 the one with the infamous Mascio? The dirt cheap Italian wonderkid that didn't actually exist, IIRC.
  11. If the ball fell to Danny Johnson in the box, I’d fancy him to stick the ball in the net. That’s probably where it ends with positivity I could say about him - beyond that he’s limited in almost every other aspect of a game of football and is far more suited to playing in the 4-4-2 teams down south. Tony Watt. Without having the stats to hand, my opinion of him is underwhelming as a goalscorer. Alas, with the goals that we have throughout the team at the present - with Div Turnbull to return too - I’d be fully onboard a hype train of Tony Watt leading the line and helping the team out that way with his all round play as a number 9, which is very good from memory.
  12. On a slow news day, a piece of news somewhat related to us - it would appear our chances of receiving that elusive sell on from Dom Thomas at Killie continue to diminish with him now being papped out on loan to Dunfermline. Interestingly, opinions of him at Killie seem to be similar to what we had of him, that he got better and better in fan estimation with each game he didn't play.
  13. Didn't catch the Longer Listen podcast, apologies Andy, and had completely forgotten about Ferguson/that Killie game being a Robinson game. Definitely makes sense! My basis for Livingstone was the Celtic game he came on as a sub for last season IIRC? Where he'd played reserve football a day or two before, and got sub-subbed. Wasn't seen much after that.
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