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  1. Balwearie is listed because it was designed to look like an ocean liner apparently! Inverkeithing High is also listed as it was designed to look like a tractor from the sky. It’s absolutely bizarre.
  2. He’s a Rovers fan and he would be a great addition to the Board, but it’s not him.
  3. I did Black Rock tonight as well. It's a brilliant event with free beer chucked in. What's not to like? I'm doing Lairig Ghru on Sunday. Has anyone here done it before? Any tips?
  4. I kind of hate myself for suggesting this but a short term solution to our right back problem might be Jordan McMillan, unless he's got a club and I've missed it?
  5. If he's not available until January he'll still be behind Barr
  6. What Hank Scorpio says. Callachan is a good player at this level which tends to be shown when away fans make comment on the Rovers players that impress them. When you think back to some of the midfielders we've had in the last 20 odd years, the criticism he gets is ridiculous. As far as I'm aware the management team rate him as well so he'll be ripping knitting right left and centre this year. When he does leave us I'd be very surprised if he doesn't go to a Premiership club or down south.
  7. Don't want to be a pedant but the 6p in the pound administration was Dundee. Dunfermline managed to get away with 0p in the pound to their creditors. Anyway, I look forward to the return of the derbies. We should have a great view from our moral high ground. On the league cup though, last night was an important win. If we win our two home games we should expect to qualify so I'm not too worried about the Ross County result. Great to see Vaughan get back on the scoresheet in his first competitive game in a year. I'm getting to the cautiously optimistic stage having completed all of the stages of grief after we appointed Gary Locke.
  8. The M'Voto signing article on the OS said there would be further signings next (this) week. Based on that I'd fully expect us to be announcing the signing of, at least, one of the trialists pretty soon. I'd be fairly confident the FFP will have signing news tomorrow.
  9. A few years ago we were debating whether McGurn or McGovern was the best 'keeper in the league (it was McGurn of course). Today one of them was man of the match against the World Champions in a major tournament, the other signed for Cowdenbeath. It doesn't seem right. McGurn played football as a second job, basically a hobby. I wonder how good he could have been if he'd played full time and got a big move? Undoubtedly the best goalie I've ever watched at the Rovers. Good luck to him, Cowden are jammy b*****ds.
  10. St Andrews is quite good, popular, friendly and pretty well organised. The course is a mixture of Tarmac and gravel with a gradual incline rather than a hill. I've only ever done St Andrews and Kirkcaldy and St Andrews is probably the easier of the two to do a fast time, if this helps?
  11. I did the black rock yesterday, first time I've ever done it and I really enjoyed it. I clearly couldn't match true rover but came in with a respectable 29.23. Excellent event, if a wee bit congested at the start. I'll definitely do it again but will train it next time in so I can have a proper drink afterwards. Can anyone explain what the 5 in the name blackrock5 relates to though because it can't be any recognisable measure of distance?
  12. I did the marathon, I got the Vaccines, If you wanna when I went by. Quite enjoyed that.
  13. From a fairly uninspiring list I would say Darren Young would be my preference at this stage but I'd be open to Cleland or some left field appointment. I think the Board were quite open in saying one of the big attractions when appointing McKinnon was his contacts. We can probably assume the Board will be looking for someone well connected again so, Gattuso it is then.....
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